5 October 2017

Jo Malone English Oak Event

Walking through the Old Steine in Brighton yesterday, I watched as leaves floated off trees and created a pile of brown, orange and yellow hues beneath them. Autumn is upon us! It's such an exciting time of year and now Octobr it's time to start changing up our wardrobe, makeup and also our perfume.  I was lucky enough to be invited to Jo Malone in Chichester to try out their newest scent, English Oak which even just sounds like the perfect perfume for Autumn. Up until this day I had been a Jo Malone virgin so I was excited to find out what all the fuss was about!

A common misconception with Jo Malone, and one I held myself until the event, is that Jo Malone is just candles. Boy you couldn't be more wrong! They offer perfume, body and hand cream, shower cream, room defusers and more. I was shocked to see all the different products they had to offer.

For the first part of the event we were allowed to explore the boutique for ourselves and get those all important blog and instagram pics! The boutique was decorated with some gorgeous flower arrangements by Nordic Twigs which gave the place that extra autumnal feel. We were then introduced to the store manager, Peter, who explained what their new scent, English Oak, is all about. He told us that Jo Malone is the first brand to use authentic oak in their scent so very exciting for them. I love that they are being inovative and trying something original and totally new. Peter told us the beautiful story which inspired the scent. It's a nostalgia story taking us back to when we were young and playing with friends in the woods. It also symbolises the merging of fantasy and reality you get when walking through the English countryside this time of year. The fairy imagery on their promotional posters really captures this well.

There are two English Oak Scents you can buy, English Oak and Redcurrent or English Oak and Hazelnut. It was interesting seeing the divide between us bloggers over which one we preferred, but I definitely preferred the hazelnut scent. The nutty scent of the hazelnut mixed with the woody scent of the Oak and Cedarwood created a warm and cosy scent, perfect for the autumn time. Peter also showed us the scents on their own and the pure hazelnut one was divine. He also showed us some of their other scents that would work well with English Oak, my favourite being Blackberry and Bay.

Next we took it in turns to have an arm massage by the lovely girls who worked in the boutique. They mixed our favourite English Oak Scent with our favourite other scent, so for me it was Hazelnut and Blackberry and Bay. It was so lovely having the arm massage and learning more about the company from Louise who did my massage. Later on that day I went out for my friend's birthday and couldn't believe I could still smell the scents so much even hours later.

Whilst we were waiting for our massages we enjoyed some chocolate by Rococo Chocolates who created these treats specifically for the event. We were also treated to some scrumptious jam scones by Wild Mint cafe.

Next we were all gifted a special Jo Malone box including some samples of their best selling fragrances. We got to decorate them ourselves to make them more personal with some fairy and oak leaf stamps. We were then taught how to do a Jo Malone bow - no bag is allowed to leave the store without a bow!

Ignore my weird squatting, here are all the lovely local blogging girls! From L-R MillyBeckyGeorgiaKatie, IndiaHollyElizaRosie, LyndsayGeorgiaMe, Tania

I learned so much at this event and have definitely been converted to Jo Malone! A huge thank you to the Jo Malone boutique in Chichester and their manager Peter for hosting this great event and to the lovely Katie from KatieKirkLoves who organised the whole thing! She did an amazing job. It was great to meet some more local bloggers as well.

If you want to get your hands on the new Jo Malone scents then you can click here

What's your favourite autumn perfume? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon, 

Beth x


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