17 September 2017

The Scully Effect

I have a confession to make, I'm obsessed with the X Files. This is definitely not a shock to anyone I know. I love the original TV Show, films, audio books and reboot, I have t-shirts, stickers on my laptop but most notably, a tattoo on my leg.

When I told everyone I was going to get the tattoo, most people thought I was mad. My tattoo artist (the incredibly talented Gee Hawkes) even said "you're going to have to love this TV show forever now" but I wasn't worried, I know I will love it forever and that is for one reason: Dana Scully. 

Dana Scully has become such a role model in my life ever since I first got into the X Files a couple of years ago. For those who are unfamiliar to the show, Scully is an FBI agent assigned to the X Files (the department that deals with ufos, paranormal activity and other unexplained goings on) to try and debunk it and get the X Files shut down. However, with the help of Agent Mulder she soon learns that there is more to this world than she could ever imagine and becomes Mulder's partner, working alongside him to keep the department going. She is also a medical doctor and deals with the scientific side to each case, forever being the voice of logic and reason in situations that seem to have no explanation. She starts off the series as a total sceptic and although this is a reoccurring theme throughout the show, towards the later seasons it's she who must convince other agents of possible paranormal explanations.

Scully is strong, fearless, smart and unintentionally sexy. She's a woman trying to make her mark in a male dominated world, something that as a film maker I have to face too. She also has a great relationship with a man some (including me) would go as far as saying they're in love, but she never lets it define her. She is her own person.

I am too young to remember when the X Files first came out on TV as it started 3 years before I was born but after reading this article I happened to find on Facebook one day, it solidified my love for her and I knew then I had to get the tattoo. The article talks about how the character of Scully inspired many women who grew up watching her to enter careers in science, medicine or the FBI.
As an aspiring screenwriter myself, the idea of creating a character who could inspire and influence the lives of girls who watch it so positively is probably the most amazing thing I could ever do.

Now there's one important person I haven't mentioned so far in this post and that is the actress who plays Scully, Gillian Anderson. Apart from playing a super bad ass woman for the past 24 years she is pretty amazing and inspiring herself. She is known for her activism as much as she is known for her acting and has stood up for LGBTQ+ youth, women's rights, African people suffering with AIDS, animal rights and people with Neurofibromatosis just to name a few. She has worked with countless charities, released many books including a self help manifesto for women released this year called WE. Oh yeah and she has an OBE for her services to Drama. So all in all she's pretty damn awesome. 

Gillian (centre) raising money for children with cancer. (source)

(photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Both Dana Scully and Gillian Anderson are huge role models for me and I'm so happy I got this tattoo of her/them. I'm planning on eventually having tattoos all the way up my leg so perhaps I will do a post on the history/meaning behind all of them, although I doubt they will all be this long! 

Would you get a tattoo of your role model? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon, 

Beth x 


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