27 August 2017

Wearing My Wingz

Autumn is fast approaching us. This summer has seemed to end really abruptly and I don't know about you but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to decide what to wear. One minute it's cold and rainy, the next I'm taking 3 layers off in the baking sun! So, when Wingz fashion contacted me about reviewing one of their products, I couldn't wait!

Wingz fashion create removable sleeves, that's right, REMOVABLE sleeves! As someone who's cold 90% of the time, this is a wardrobe staple I never knew I needed. Their slogan is "add sleeves to anything" and that's exactly what they do. Plus, they are small and light and could easily be rolled up in your bag if you want to take them off, or maybe take them with you on a night out for the journey home! The garment is really easy to put on, I find it easiest to step into it, put the band underneath my bra and slip my arms through the sleeves. You can then put your top, dress or whatever you want on over the top! I was worried about the band being uncomfortable or digging into my ribs but I can't feel it and in fact sometimes forget it's there at all!

I went for the full length stretch lace "wingz" in black, but there are so many different styles, colours and designs to choose from. These ones fit my style the most, I love the gothic vibes they bring, especially paired with this turtle neck dress!

(Dress from Warehouse)

For me, the main reason I like these sleeves is because I might get a bit chilly now and again, but I know there are many girls out there who feel really self conscious about their arms, my mum is one of them. She often looks at clothes she likes, but sighs and walks away when she sees they are sleeveless. With Wingz, you can wear what you want to wear whilst still feeling comfortable and confident and I think that's what makes this such an ingenious invention!

The best part about Wingz is that after seeing the photos my mum didn't even realise I was just reviewing the sleeves, she thought it was all one dress. This was probably the most important aspect to me because it would look really strange if it was obvious that the sleeves weren't part of the dress.

I'm looking forward to see what new styles Wingz come up with and getting stocked up for the autumn! If you would like your own pair of Wingz then you can check out their shop here: http://www.wingzfashion.com/shop/

See you soon,

Beth xx

*The products mentioned in this blog post were gifted to me for review purposes, however all opinions remain and will always be 100% my own

17 August 2017

Top Netflix Series I'm Looking Forward To This Autumn

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