20 June 2017

We Had Our Own Festival

Last week my friends and I put a bunch of glitter on our faces, bought some Prosecco and headed down to the local park, put some music on and called it a festival!

We originally had plans to bring a tent, fairy lights and a bbq to make it more "festivally" but you really don't need all of that to have a good time, especially when you're a poor student like us!

These are the girls I have spent the last year bonding with over the stresses and successes of the second year of film school but now that's all come to an end we thought we'd have a little party to celebrate. We're all big fans of festival fashion (in fact I have a whole post dedicated to just that!) so we had to go with this theme! It wasn't as easy as we were expecting though. It took a mammoth trip around Brighton looking for somewhere that sells chunky glitter and face gems. We almost gave up until the man in a fancy dress shop we looked in suggested pound land and low and behold pound land were the ones who delivered and had loads of gems we could use! I also used some of my Barry M Dazzle Dust that I just so happened to have for another look I'll hopefully be doing soon!

So year 2 has come to an end but it's not the end for this girl gang! We have one year left to go of film school (just saying, that terrifies me!) and some of us are moving in together next year and I'm sure the other girls will be regular visitors!

This was originally supposed to be a girls only event but we decided to let the boyfriends join in. Can you all boo Tom though because he refused to have more than one sequin on his head!

I kept that last one in just for Rowan's lovely face, I'm sure you'll appreciate it buddy! I feel like this evening kicked started my summer and I can't wait for more nights like these.

Would you like to see more photo diaries of events like this? Let me know in the comments! 

See you soon, 

Beth x


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