6 June 2017

Summer Glam

I haven't posted a proper fashion post in FOREVER. I really want to do more but it takes time, nice weather and high self esteem and those things often don't come at once. Now film school is drawing to a close for the year I'm determined to do many more outfit posts and just generally up my blogging game.

The outfit in question today has been in my wardrobe for weeks now, looking at me every time I open the door, telling me to put it on.  It's an all in one suit from Quiz clothing, a brand I hadn't heard of until recently. I first fell in love with this outfit when I saw it in Debenhams, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it was only £29! You know how much I love a bargain and I honestly was expecting this suit to be at least £50. I think it looks expensive (yes, £50 is expensive to me) so it makes me love it so much more knowing I got it for so cheap.

The second reason I love this outfit so much is because it actually fits me. Doesn't sound like that should be too much of a hard task but this is one of life's hardest issues when you're only 5"2. Anything "full length" is a no go for me and trousers alone are usually an absolute hassle to find so I was honestly in shock when I put this on and realised it didn't need any adjustments. Strangely enough I bought another, really similar suit from the same brand but that one is too big? I don't understand it. Obviously this one and I are just meant to be.

I love the red rose print and have wanted something with this embroidered pattern for a while now. This seems to be a theme with Quiz Clothing as I've seen it on many of their bodysuits, blouses and jeans so I will definitely be adding to my collection!

The last thing I love about this outfit is how it makes me feel. I am yet to wear it out properly but I think it would be perfect for a wedding or party. It also made me feel like a top executive heading into the office on a hot day. I feel fierce in this outfit and that's the first time I've ever used that word to describe myself.

I will leave you with some more photographs taken by my lovely younger brother. Ah the perks of having a photography student for a sibling!

Have you got anything from Quiz Clothing? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

See you soon, 

Beth x
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