13 June 2017

I Took My Dad To A Blogger Event! #WBFathersDay (GIVEAWAY!)

Last Monday my Dad and I were lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of Clint Eastwood's 1992 classic "Unforgiven". It's been a long time since we've been on a trip to London together so we were both very excited! My dad's not a blogger so this was his first blogger event which was extra exciting for him.

We travelled up to Warner Brothers HQ in London to watch the screening in what we were told was the "comfiest cinema in London" and they did not disappoint! The first thing my dad said when we got into our seats was "wow this is comfier than my chair at home!"

Before we went into the screening we had some time to mingle and more importantly eat some food! I think this might have been Dad's favourite part. He went up at least twice for more sandwiches! We were also excited by the statues of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman and of course were complete nerds and got photos next to them! It was also great to finally meet one of my favourite bloggers, Sophie of Popcorn & Glitter who was absolutely lovely!

Seeing the "Warner Bros Preview Screening" sign and being given visitors passes did make us feel pretty important I won't lie! I felt like a proper film critic!

Now onto the film itself. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I hadn't actually heard of this film before my invitation to the event! I'll try and redeem myself by saying Westerns aren't my usual go to film genre but you're probably still going to judge me. I decided to purposefully not look into the film or even watch the trailer before the event so that I could go into it fresh with no expectations. My Dad couldn't remember if he had seen it before as it did come out 25 years ago so you can't really blame him.

We both really enjoyed the film and it was interesting how we took  different things away from it. For me, it wasn't as violent as I was expecting but when I asked my dad what he thought of the film the first thing he said was "violent". He was also very interested in the character development of The Schofield Kid. Played by Jaimz Woolvett, it is his character who is the catalyst of the film, convicning Clint Eastwood's character William to return to his life of an assassin and kill two cowboys who cut the face of a prostitute. The Schofield Kid is young and looks up to William as he has heard many stories about him. He begins the film extremely arrogant, claiming to have killed 5 men, but as the film goes on we learn he is not the cold blooded killer he claims to be and is in fact incredibly short sighted. When it comes his turn to actually kill a man it completely changes him. It affects him so much that he vows never to kill again. My dad found this character arc really interesting.

For me, I really enjoyed the sound design which is not something I would usually say! Perhaps it's because I've been studying it at film school recently that it was more noticeable to me. I especially liked the sound of the clink of Clint's cowboy boots as he walks through the saloon at the shootout towards the end of the film. We both agreed that the cinematography was beautiful with some amazing scenery including large snowy fields. We also both liked the silhouette that opened and closed the film and thought that it bookended it well. Overall we both enjoyed the film but I think my dad liked it a bit more than I did!


The lovely people at Fetch Friends who invited us to the event also gave us two bags worth of Clint Eastwood DVDS! There were way to many for us to keep all to ourselves so I've decided to give some away to you my lovely readers. So I'm giving 4 DVDs away including a copy of The Unforgiven and a set of Clint Eastwood quote badges! The films you can win are: 

The Unforgiven 

Jersey Boys


Letters From Iwo Jimma

You can enter by clicking the link below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck everyone! The competition ends on the 27th June 2017. The winner will be announced here and on twitter!

See you soon,

Beth x

*The products mentioned were gifted to me by Fetch Publicity. However all opinions remain my own.

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