30 May 2017

My TV Show Watch List

I'll be honest with you, mainstream cinema is just not doing it for me at the moment. All it seems to be right now is remake after remake after sequel and its getting boring. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of franchises that I love such as the Marvel universe but it just seems like there are no more fresh ideas, or at least, those ideas aren't getting financed. Right now I think television is king. The rise of Netflix and other streaming services has paved the way for tons of new programmes and with that, new ideas. I love TV shows because they allow you to get so much deeper into a story and it's characters in a way movies just can't. I love spending a Sunday afternoon binge watching a series, talking to my friends about possible theories or characters that we love and then the heartbreak when you've finished all the seasons - that is until you find the next one to get stuck into! With all this in mind I thought I would compile my own TV show watch list, a mixture of TV shows I'm loving at the moment and ones I want to get into.


If you haven't watched Riverdale yet then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I'll admit when I first saw this advertised on Netflix I thought it looked like an awful, cheesy, disney channel esque teen show. And not even good disney channel, new disney channel *shudders*. Speaking of disney channel (I've said that way too many times now) The Suite Life's very own Cole Sprouse has a starring role on Riverdale and let me tell you, he has BLOSSOMED. Get it? Blossomed? ...Watch the show and you'll understand!

Incase you needed another reason to watch the show

Riverdale has total Twin Peaks vibes and begins with the murder of high school student Jason Blossom. The show is basically a very stylish whodunit and you will end up suspecting every character at some point in the series! What I love is that it keeps you guessing, right up until the final episodes. As soon as you think you've figured out who it is then BAM some other piece of evidence comes to light and you end up accusing that person you were sure couldn't have done it back in episode 3.

I highly, highly, highly recommend everyone to watch this show but be warned it is very addictive!


I am still only half way through this series but I'm already hooked! If you liked Making a Murderer or any kind of crime documentary then this is the one for you! It investigates the story of Sister Cathy, a nun who was murdered in the 1960s. Her murderer remains a mystery to this day. The series takes a deep look into the catholic church and the people and circumstances around her death. It will make you angry, it will make you sad but it's well worth the watch.


This is one I haven't actually watched yet but Gillian Anderson is my absolute queen and she has been posting pictures of some crazy costumes on her social media. I can't wait to watch it just because she's in it! I haven't heard too much more about it but I know its based off of a popular book series.


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