16 May 2017

Lip Art With Smashbox Cosmetics Brighton

smashbox liquid lipsticks in boots brighton

I recently got to spend the evening with the lovely ladies from the Brighton Smashbox team learning how to do lip art to mark the release of their brand new lip range "Be Legendary" Liquid Lipsticks.

We met at Boots in Brighton and after about 10 minutes browsing the Smashbox counter and swooning over their new products, we were taken upstairs to a room filled with even more Smashbox goodies! On each table were a range of shades spanning from simple pinks and reds to silver and even blue! We had the chance to play around with them and see what they were like.

There are two types of the new lipsticks, metals and pigment, me being me of course I was more drawn to the metals! I've wanted to try metallic lipsticks ever since Kylie Jenner bought out her metallic lip kit range. I took my friend Kelly along with me and she went straight for the blue metal! I had a play around with some of the reds and pinks as these colours are a lot more me. My favourites were Crimson Chrome, a metallic red and Foiled Brat, a more purpley shade of metal.

smashbox be legendary liquid lipsticks

smashbox be legendary liquid lipsticks in metals and pigment pink silver red blue purple

We were introduced to VladMUA, an amazing makeup artist who specialises in some amazing lip art (including all of the ones pictured in the top image of this post!) she is also the new lip editing chief for Smashbox. Next the sequins were brought out and it was time for us to have a go!

I'd never attempted lip art before, but I new I wanted to go for something super sparkly. Similar to the Glitter Lips I had done at Move It last year. I decided to break away from my comfort zone and go for a bright purple lip shade. They just so happened to have some purple sequins to go with it which was a win. I kind of became an accidental mermaid but I loved it!

Kelly had a go at the sequins too but decided they weren't for her and went for a metallic grey instead which looked super cool. I got a bit over excited by the end and started sticking the glitter to my face to become a full on mermaid...I always have to take things just slightly too far!

lip art with smashbox brighton inspired by vladmua

smashbox products eyeshadow purple lipstick metallic liquid lipstick

mermaid makeup lip art with smashbox brighton vladmua purple sequins glitter

Overall it was a really fun evening and was great learning about this brand as I've never used any of their products before!

You can buy the new lipstick range here

See you soon,

Beth x

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