30 May 2017

My TV Show Watch List

I'll be honest with you, mainstream cinema is just not doing it for me at the moment. All it seems to be right now is remake after remake after sequel and its getting boring. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of franchises that I love such as the Marvel universe but it just seems like there are no more fresh ideas, or at least, those ideas aren't getting financed. Right now I think television is king. The rise of Netflix and other streaming services has paved the way for tons of new programmes and with that, new ideas. I love TV shows because they allow you to get so much deeper into a story and it's characters in a way movies just can't. I love spending a Sunday afternoon binge watching a series, talking to my friends about possible theories or characters that we love and then the heartbreak when you've finished all the seasons - that is until you find the next one to get stuck into! With all this in mind I thought I would compile my own TV show watch list, a mixture of TV shows I'm loving at the moment and ones I want to get into.


If you haven't watched Riverdale yet then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I'll admit when I first saw this advertised on Netflix I thought it looked like an awful, cheesy, disney channel esque teen show. And not even good disney channel, new disney channel *shudders*. Speaking of disney channel (I've said that way too many times now) The Suite Life's very own Cole Sprouse has a starring role on Riverdale and let me tell you, he has BLOSSOMED. Get it? Blossomed? ...Watch the show and you'll understand!

Incase you needed another reason to watch the show

Riverdale has total Twin Peaks vibes and begins with the murder of high school student Jason Blossom. The show is basically a very stylish whodunit and you will end up suspecting every character at some point in the series! What I love is that it keeps you guessing, right up until the final episodes. As soon as you think you've figured out who it is then BAM some other piece of evidence comes to light and you end up accusing that person you were sure couldn't have done it back in episode 3.

I highly, highly, highly recommend everyone to watch this show but be warned it is very addictive!


I am still only half way through this series but I'm already hooked! If you liked Making a Murderer or any kind of crime documentary then this is the one for you! It investigates the story of Sister Cathy, a nun who was murdered in the 1960s. Her murderer remains a mystery to this day. The series takes a deep look into the catholic church and the people and circumstances around her death. It will make you angry, it will make you sad but it's well worth the watch.


This is one I haven't actually watched yet but Gillian Anderson is my absolute queen and she has been posting pictures of some crazy costumes on her social media. I can't wait to watch it just because she's in it! I haven't heard too much more about it but I know its based off of a popular book series.


23 May 2017

Should We Care About Wonder Woman's Arm Pits?

Photo by Clay Enos for Warner Brothers

I think this post is going to win the prize for weirdest title ever.

It's Sunday evening and I'm watching the telly. An advert for Wilkinson's Sword comes on. They're doing an advertising campaign with the new Wonder Woman film and you can get a free lipstick (woo!) I decide to look into this further because um FREE LIPSTICK! So I  google Wonder Woman and stumble across this post.

Wait, what?

I consider myself to be a feminist. I believe that women and men should be treated equally and have the same opportunities. Plus I don't know if you've noticed already but I'm starting to use this blog more and more to comment and campaign for equality in the film industry, but I'll be honest, this one threw me.

I personally prefer to be shaved, that's just my choice, but I know a lot of women don't want to and don't think they should have to and that's totally cool. I mean, men don't have to! But women's body hair is apparently so disgusting that they can't even show it in razor adverts. They don't even show the razors doing their one sole purpose because apparently it's too gross. This reminded me of how I got to this article in the first place - a women's razor company doing an advertising campaign with Wonder Woman. I can see the irony now!

So should we care about Gal Gadot's smooth pits? I'll admit that this issue didn't even occur to me when I saw the trailer, but maybe that's part of the issue? As a society we are so conditioned to seeing women with completely hairless bodies that this is how we expect them to be. In a different article by slate.com they mention that Gal's armpits have a strange green hue about them and suggest that Warner Bros digitally bleached them. This really didn't sit well with me. It's one thing to be shaved but what, we can't even see the shadow of arm pit stubble now? We all know it exists. Would audiences really care if you could see a little bit of stubble? I like to think not but maybe they would.

What do you think? Digital bleaching or just weird lighting? Hey, maybe Gal Gadot just has super-humanly smooth and green armpits.  (picture from Slate.com)

I'll admit that when I first read about this I thought it was such a non-issue, and I still think there are much bigger problems in the world, but this really interested me and the more I thought about it the more I realised it's a problem (even if it's not the biggest one).

I think another reason it has upset people is because Wonder Woman is supposed to be such a feminist icon. She represents strength, she's a freakin warrior princess fighting alongside the men and winning. This is also the first superhero movie about a female hero in recent years (Marvel I'm still waiting for the Black Widow film!) So I can see why people are angry she's conforming to these beauty standards but honestly, I'm not surprised. Movie bosses still think that super hero films are "boy films" and the best way to sell it is to make her "sexy". *cue eye roll*

Now if we look at this from a realistic and historic point of view,  Wonder Woman is an immortal Amazonian warrior and the film is set during World War 1. Now when I think of an Amazonian woman I do tend to think of the stereotypical tall, muscly and pretty hairy type woman (I think this is partly Futurama's fault.) Now obviously I haven't seen the film yet but I can't imagine someone living on a island training to be a bad ass warrior princess has either the time or the resources to worry about shaving. However I have heard rumours that Amazonian women are genetically not very hairy. Apparently this is in the comics. Now I didn't think that women would have started shaving their armpits during world war 1 as I doubt they got them out very much (modesty and all that) but actually an advertisement for a sleeveless dress in Harper's Bazaar in 1915 is what started the trend. So maybe by WW1 younger, trendier women were starting to shave, but again I doubt a warrior princess living on an island had time to read about western fashion trends.

The advert that started it all. (picture from Metro.co.uk)

In my opinion, it's sad that this is still an issue in 2017. I can understand why people were annoyed by this, but hey, maybe Wonder Woman wanted to shave her armpits and if so why can't that be ok? (digitally bleaching is not ok though Warner Bros!) I honestly feel that if they allowed at least some stubble to be shown, it could change the way society views female body hair. And I'm not just talking about Wonder Woman. We never see female characters with body hair, and maybe it's time this changed.

Well there we have it. These are my opinions on it. What do you think? Should we care about Wonder Woman's arm pits? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon,

Beth x


16 May 2017

Lip Art With Smashbox Cosmetics Brighton

smashbox liquid lipsticks in boots brighton

I recently got to spend the evening with the lovely ladies from the Brighton Smashbox team learning how to do lip art to mark the release of their brand new lip range "Be Legendary" Liquid Lipsticks.

We met at Boots in Brighton and after about 10 minutes browsing the Smashbox counter and swooning over their new products, we were taken upstairs to a room filled with even more Smashbox goodies! On each table were a range of shades spanning from simple pinks and reds to silver and even blue! We had the chance to play around with them and see what they were like.

There are two types of the new lipsticks, metals and pigment, me being me of course I was more drawn to the metals! I've wanted to try metallic lipsticks ever since Kylie Jenner bought out her metallic lip kit range. I took my friend Kelly along with me and she went straight for the blue metal! I had a play around with some of the reds and pinks as these colours are a lot more me. My favourites were Crimson Chrome, a metallic red and Foiled Brat, a more purpley shade of metal.

smashbox be legendary liquid lipsticks

smashbox be legendary liquid lipsticks in metals and pigment pink silver red blue purple

We were introduced to VladMUA, an amazing makeup artist who specialises in some amazing lip art (including all of the ones pictured in the top image of this post!) she is also the new lip editing chief for Smashbox. Next the sequins were brought out and it was time for us to have a go!

I'd never attempted lip art before, but I new I wanted to go for something super sparkly. Similar to the Glitter Lips I had done at Move It last year. I decided to break away from my comfort zone and go for a bright purple lip shade. They just so happened to have some purple sequins to go with it which was a win. I kind of became an accidental mermaid but I loved it!

Kelly had a go at the sequins too but decided they weren't for her and went for a metallic grey instead which looked super cool. I got a bit over excited by the end and started sticking the glitter to my face to become a full on mermaid...I always have to take things just slightly too far!

lip art with smashbox brighton inspired by vladmua

smashbox products eyeshadow purple lipstick metallic liquid lipstick

mermaid makeup lip art with smashbox brighton vladmua purple sequins glitter

Overall it was a really fun evening and was great learning about this brand as I've never used any of their products before!

You can buy the new lipstick range here

See you soon,

Beth x

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9 May 2017

Working As A Runner On A Film Set

runner feature film experience

Oopsie daisy, I haven't uploaded a blog post for over a month! This blogging break was completely unintentional, in fact I have a long list of ideas saved in my phone and about 3 half written posts in my drafts. I promise I haven't just been lazy, I do have a legitimate reason for disappearing!

So I spent pretty much the whole of April on the set of a feature film working as a runner. It was the hardest yet most brilliant 3 weeks of my life. I have never experienced a film set outside of film school before and it really opened my eyes to the reality of this industry, in a good way though!

I thought I'd tell you about everything that happened and I'll try to give you some advice too. Hopefully it will come in helpful if any of you are thinking of taking on your first runner job.


Monday 10th April, I arrived at the location a complete bag of nerves. I'd never done anything like this before and I had no idea what to expect. I knew my job role was at the bottom of the hierarchy (kind of equivalent to being the intern at the office) and I wasn't sure if anyone else would even talk to me, or if they would be horrible to me because I was at the bottom. Then I remembered they all had to be in this position once and I was probably just being silly. I was also worried because I'm really not a technical person and I knew this is where I'd probably have to help out most, my skills really lean more towards the pre production and development side of things. At least I had some film school friends on the set as well, this made me feel a bit more at ease.

We were filming at the executive producers house and omg it was massive. Their garden is the size of a field and the crew got to stay in caravans in the garden! The DOP (director of photography) stayed in a tent and I honestly don't know how he managed it because our caravans were absolutely freezing at night, so god knows how he coped! Our caravan didn't even have curtains which really wasn't great. As soon as I had dumped my stuff in the caravan it was time to get to work, not even a chance to say hello to everyone properly!

runner feature film location

runner feature film location uk
Where we called home for 2 weeks

My first task was to hold up a flag pole for one of the shots. Sounds easy but it was honestly the most stressful moment of the whole shoot. I think if it had been towards the end then I would have been fine but at this point I was still so nervous. It was here that I got to meet the DOP, Director and Camera Assistant for the first time.

The first day was really difficult. Everyone was stressed and had so much to do for the shoot and I was still so nervous about everything. If I could give you one piece of advice for your first runner job it would be to RELAX. You obviously have some sort of knowledge of film to be there in the first place and most people understand you are still learning and are willing to help you. The gaffer (head of lighting) on our shoot was one of the loveliest people ever and not long out of film school himself. On the first day he took the runners on a tour of his tool shed so we had a rough idea of where everything was and what things were called. Honestly it was a lot of information given to me very quickly and I thought my head was going to explode but I learnt as the shoot went on. In fact I would say one of the biggest achievements I've taken from the set is learning so much more about lighting equipment and what it does as this is something I usually shy away from at film school.

A few days in and a couple of the runners decided it wasn't for them and went home. There was a time where I felt the same and was tempted to leave, but luckily I had the lovely Ella with me who has been on lots of film sets before and talked some sense into me. So another piece of advice I would give is to stick it out, even if it seems rough at first. I'm so glad I did because as the shoot went on it got more and more enjoyable and I've come out with all this experience, knowledge, contacts and even some new friends!


By the end of the first week everyone was knackered and longing for a day off and that seemed to be exactly what we needed. The start of week 2 was great and we were joined by some new runners, Gina and Bud, who were amazing and really changed the atmosphere of the set.  The runners were also given more specific duties such as 2nd AC (helping the camera assistant) 3rd AD (helping the assistant director) or helping the art department, makeup and costume. I started the week off being the 2nd AC which was fun but I really found my element within the art department and makeup. This is something I've always been interested in but it's not really covered in my film school course so it was great to see how important these jobs really are to a film and to be able to help with them. The highlight of this entire experience was assisting the make up artist (the lovely Britney!) with the SFX makeup she had to do on one of the characters. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to say much about it or show any pictures as it's top secret stuff! This experience really opened my eyes to SFX makeup and just how much I enjoy it. I know that writing/directing is where I want to go but I really want to get more into SFX too.

runner feature film advice

The end of the second week was actually really hard for me. Our hours were really long and strange. Where as in the first week we were doing pretty much the same sort of time every day, this time it was different and my body was definitely feeling it. I was also upset by some of the sexism on set. It wasn't massive or really horrible, it was just little things I noticed, for instance whenever cups of tea were wanted or something needed to be cleared up, it was the female runners who would be called. If something needed moving then it was the male runners who would be called. It wasn't all the time but it was noticeable. There also wasn't one woman in the camera, lighting or sound department. It showed me that everything I've read and researched about women in the film industry really is happening. It's really worrying, especially as this is the industry I want to go into.

We finished the second week with two night shoots which were awesome. One took place in a tennis court filled slightly with water to become an eerie dream/memory sequence and the other was an american cop car chase. This was interesting to film on a British country lane! We tried to stop the traffic as obviously they had to drive on the opposite side of the road, but no one really listened to us!


The final week was being shot in Brighton which meant we could finally say goodbye to the caravans! I've never been so happy to use my own shower or sleep in my own warm bed! By now everyone was comfortable with each other and I was a million times more confident in myself. 

The week flew by and it was actually really sad to leave at the end. We just spent 3 weeks with each other, pretty much cut off from the rest of the world and soon we were going to go back to reality. Luckily for most people, working on films is their reality. I found it really inspiring to be around people who are actually doing what they want to do with their lives and it's what I want to do too. 

On the final day I also got to be an extra in one of the scenes so I'm probably going to be famous now, just saying. 

runner extra feature film
Recognise anyone in this picture?

Wow this post was pretty long! But I hope it gave you an insight into my crazy month and helped you if you're thinking of taking on a runner job. If you've got the opportunity then I definitely think you should do it! It really is amazing to be part of a film! 

See you soon,

Beth x

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