7 April 2017

My Role Model, Dana Scully

About a month ago I got a tattoo on my leg of Special Agent Dana Scully from The X Files. Many people thought it was cool and a couple thought I was mad but most couldn't believe I had such dedication to a TV show that I would want to mark myself with it permanently. And whilst yes the show is very important to me, the tattoo was less about that and more about the character, Scully. As someone who loves sci-fis, thrillers, horrors and just anything to do with the paranormal, I don't think I've ever found a character like her before. I relate to her and look up to her at the same time.

I started watching X Files when the new series started last year. I was so confused by most of what they were talking about that I decided to go back to the beginning and watch the whole thing from the start. When I first started watching it I was a bit a lot in love with Mulder (BECAUSE HELLO HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!) but as the series went on my attention turned away from him and more towards Scully.

She's a woman trying to make her way in a "man's game" and as a film-maker this is something I completely relate to.

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