28 March 2017

Why I Quit Youtube

forever 21 blouse on the beach

This is a very sad post for me to write and one I didn't think I would be making anytime soon. I started making youtube videos a year ago and I remember being really excited about it. The first video I made was a vlog about Move It, a dance convention in London. It was really fun and whilst it didn't get that many views I was shocked it got nearly 100! I went on from there, vlogging about makeup, my pets, fashion and just my life in general. In the summer I even started weekly vlogging and in December I attempted vlogmas.

My channel grew well and I have over 450 subscribers now, with many of my friends looking forward to new videos or even wanting to be in them. It was a lot of fun, especially during the summer, but it had to end sometime.

The main reason I quit youtube is because I don't have enough time. I really felt it at Christmas when I was trying to film and upload every day whilst keeping up with my studies and an under staffed retail job at it's busiest time of year. I knew my videos weren't that good but I put pressure on myself to keep going, to the point where I stopped enjoying it and eventually gave up Vlogmas with a week left to go.

orange boat worthing goring gap

youtuber why I quit youtube
Blouse: Forever 21
Dungaree Dress: Thrifted

I stopped vlogging up until recently when I decided I was going to try again. I started coming up with ideas and posted a couple of videos but my lack of time became an issue again. I realised my heart still wasn't into it and I was spending time filming/editing that I could have been spending on my blog or screenwriting. I realised I was exhausting my creativity by trying to stretch it too far across too many platforms. If I use the time and effort I was half heartedly spending on youtube and put it all into what I actually want to do, I know it will be for the better.

I also realised I didn't have anything big to say. I thought to myself, "why would anyone want to watch my videos rather than some of the bigger youtubers out there?" and I honestly couldn't think of a reason. All the people I like to watch have their own thing and I just couldn't decide on what my thing should be.

So I have decided to stop posting youtube videos indefinitely. As much as I enjoyed it at the start, it's just not the same anymore. Maybe when I finish film school or have a less demanding job I will think about starting it up again, but for now I'm happy to focus on my writing.

Thanks for reading, sorry to be a bit of a Debbie downer on your week! I promise the next post will be a lot more up beat!

See you soon,

Beth x


15 March 2017

We Don't Need To Be F-Rated

female cinematographer

The equality of women in the film industry is something that's very important to me, in fact, I wrote THIS post on my thoughts about it a few months ago. So when I heard about IMDB approving the new F Rating system you think I'd be thrilled, but in reality I can't think of anything worse for us!

For those not in the know, the F Rating is a classification for any film which is directed by a woman, written by a woman or stars two significant women on screen in their own right (not a girlfriend or mother character.) Films that have all 3 of these requirements receive a special "Triple F Rating". Popular F Rated films include Moana, Girl On The Train and Hidden Figures just to name a few.

Founded in 2014 by Holly Tarquini, head of Bath film festival, her goal was to help support women and drive equality into the film industry. Unfortunately I think the F Rating does the complete opposite.

film student with clapper board

female film maker

Giving these films a special rating shows that they are different from the "norm", the norm being films made by men. It makes it a novelty thing when what we really want and need is for our films to be treated and valued the same way that films by men are. I realise this paragraph can come across as quite man-hating and that's the opposite of what I want. I want men and women to be treated equally, not one more than the other or one better than the other. I found a quote by Gloria Steinem (feminist, journalist and political activist) which I think explains it perfectly.

"Just as there are "novelists" and then "women novelists," there are "movies" and then "chick flicks." Whoever is in power takes over the noun -- and the norm -- while the less powerful get an adjective."

Making a list of "female" films does just this. Rather than taking a step towards equality, the F rating takes a big step back. 

Another issue that bothers me is that it's only female directors, writers or actors who qualify for this rating. What about female cinematographers, sound recordists, gaffers or producers? There are so many women bossing it throughout the film industry so if you're going to celebrate them, you need to celebrate them all. Technical jobs such as cinematographer and gaffer are thought of as "men's jobs" possibly even more than writer, director and actor roles so it's really important to champion these. 

girl film makers

Some people may also actively avoid these films, missing the point entirely and just thinking they are feminist rants rather than normal films that just happen to be made by or about women. 

One last thing that bothers me is that there are only 22000 F-Rated films on IMDB. This sounds like quite a lot until you realise there is a total of over 4 million films on that site. This just shows that something needs to be done to improve equality in the film industry, but I don't think this is it. 

So, what do you think? Do you agree with me or are you backing the F-Rating? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon,

Beth x


7 March 2017

Latest In Beauty | Beauty And The Beast Boxes

If there is one thing I know about little girls, it is that we all spent one time in our lives wanting to be a Disney Princess. Whilst most girls nowadays dream of being Anna or Elsa, girls my age all wanted to be Belle.

I am so looking forward to the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast, especially after falling in love with the Cinderella remake a few years ago. I am excited by anything Disney Princess themed anyway, so imagine my reaction when Latest In Beauty invited me to try their Beauty And The Beast themed box! 

In case you don't know, Latest In Beauty are a monthly subscription box that allows you to pick and choose the beauty products you receive each month. However their Beauty And The Beast Box is slightly different. They have curated two limited boxes, one for the beauties and one for the beasts! Obviously I received the Beauty Box, but I'm really glad they have included the guys in this because they often get left out. 

Latest In Beauty teamed up with a number of french brands for this box which is a nice touch as the film is set in France. The products inside include:


My favourites so far are definitely the Soigne nail polish and the Burt's Bees lipstick. I got the shade Blush Basin which is the perfect nude shade for me which is great as I've been looking for a new one to wear when I'm at work or don't feel like wearing a really bold lip. Due to my job I haven't worn nail polish for nearly 6 months now but this one has tempted to me to wear it on my days off! I also really like the L'occitane hand and nail cream as my hands get dry really easily. It's small size means it's perfect to fit in my bag or even just my coat pocket and take everywhere! I am yet to try the other products but I know the Oribe dry shampoo won't last long in my house!

Now you may think this is the end of the blog post, but the treats from Latest In Beauty didn't end there! A couple of days after the initial email about the box, I received an invitation to their Beauty And The Beast themed event in London. The invitation arrived in the post with a wax envelope seal (well done to Emma for that!) I was beginning to feel like a princess already.

I hopped on my carriage (also known as the Gatwick Express) with my blogging bestie Georgia and we made our way to the Lanesborough Hotel. We met fellow blogger, Izzy, at Hyde Park and crossed the road to the hotel. It took us a few minutes to actually pluck up the courage to go inside. We spent a moment looking at how grand it was with the posh cars outside, much too fancy for two Lancing girls! We eventually made our way to the entrance where we were met by two doormen. We expected them to ask us why we were there but instead they opened the doors for us and said "Good afternoon ladies, enjoy your stay." WOW. That was one of the highlights of my night.

I don't think we were quite prepared for what the inside of the hotel looked like, the room the event was being held in was especially beautiful, I really felt like I was in a real castle. We were greeted by the lovely ladies from Latest In Beauty who made us feel so welcome! I soon spotted something at the other end of the room...the infinity rose!

It was even more beautiful in real life and I want one in my house. There was a rumour that it was the one used in the film, but I'll let you decide if you think that's true or not! This wasn't the only attraction. There were hand massages and manicures being offered and a man playing the piano (very classy) as well as champagne and yummy canopies being offered all evening.

If the evening wasn't great enough already, we soon met up with 3 more blogging girls - Sara, Alicia and Mel. Georgia and I had met them before at the Blogosphere Christmas event so it was great to catch up with them! We chatted and giggled all evening, it's great to have a group of friends who all blog because we all understand each other and the issues that non blogging friends may not understand!

I just want to thank Latest In Beauty for inviting me to such a wonderful event and giving me one of their limited edition Beauty And The Beast Boxes. If you would like one then you can click HERE.

Beauty And The Beast comes out on the 17th of March. Are you looking forward to the release?

See you soon, 

Beth x

*The products featured in this post were sent to me for review, however all opinions are and always will be, 100% my own

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