8 January 2017

I'm Attempting Veganuary!

Yes you read that right. This cheese obsessed, ice cream loving girl is attempting Veganuary. If you don't know what I'm talking about, its a challenge to go Vegan for a month. A whole MONTH! "Why?!" I hear you shout, well there are many reasons why.

I have been a vegetarian since last April/May time and despite a couple of slip ups I've done really well with it and have felt better for it. People often ask me if I miss eating meat and honestly I really don't! However I've still felt really guilty about eating dairy as I know this is just as if not more cruel than the meat industry.

A few weeks ago my friend Max from work who is a fellow veggie suggested we try going vegan for a week in January as a challenge to put up on our youtube channels. I then saw a link to Veganaury on Facebook and thought, why not go for the whole month?

At first I thought ah how hard can it be? Just cut out milk, cheese and eggs and you'll be fine. Wrong! I didn't realise how many things included milk powder like literally wtf why do Squares Salt And Vinegar Crisps need to include milk powder? As you can imagine I was outraged when I found out.

I'm not doing it to be fashionable or like my bestie Catrina (who has been a vegan for almost as long as I can remember now) but I'm doing it for myself, the planet and of course, the animals. I have always been an animal lover but it feels wrong to say that when I know I am contributing to their suffering. I know it's not going to be easy either (my parents have already had a go at me about being an inconvenience to them) but I want to try! I'm not saying this is going to be a permanent change to my diet but in the spirit of new year I thought why not set myself a challenge?

I'm not in anyway going to be preachy to you guys, what you eat is completely up to you but here are some unusual facts that convinced me to take on the challenge:

Going vegan saves water. Do you know how many litres of water goes into making one beef steak? 4650!!! When you think about all the people who are fighting for clean water, its awful to think how much is being wasted on one steak alone.

Going vegan saves wildlife. When I think of veganism I think about saving the cows, pigs, sheep and chicken, but I had no idea it positively impacted on wildlife too! Every second, any area of rainforest equivalent to a football field is cleared to provide space to grow animal feed and for pasture grazing. This means animals such as cute little sloths are losing their homes! On average 1 lb of beef = 200 sqm of rainforest destroyed.

Going Vegan means you will be healthier. Obviously everyone needs to have a diet that works for them and their individual needs but there are so many health benefits to going vegan. The thing that stood out to me the most is the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture. Animals being pumped with them and then us consuming them leading us to become immune to it. In fact chief medical officer for the UK Dame Sally Davies said that if we carry on the way we are, people going for simple operations in 20 years time will die of routine infections because we have run out of antibiotics. 

So yeah, quite a lot to think about! If going vegan is something you've been considering then why not join me? You can sign up to Veganaury here. Their website has lots of helpful tips and recipes as well as reasons to do it. 

I will be doing an update post in February time to let you know how I got on. If its a success then I may also post some great recipes I found and show you what I bought etc so please let me know if there's anything you want to see!

Let me know if you're going to be joining Veganaury by leaving a comment below!

See you soon, 

Beth x


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