5 October 2017

Jo Malone English Oak Event

Walking through the Old Steine in Brighton yesterday, I watched as leaves floated off trees and created a pile of brown, orange and yellow hues beneath them. Autumn is upon us! It's such an exciting time of year and now Octobr it's time to start changing up our wardrobe, makeup and also our perfume.  I was lucky enough to be invited to Jo Malone in Chichester to try out their newest scent, English Oak which even just sounds like the perfect perfume for Autumn. Up until this day I had been a Jo Malone virgin so I was excited to find out what all the fuss was about!

A common misconception with Jo Malone, and one I held myself until the event, is that Jo Malone is just candles. Boy you couldn't be more wrong! They offer perfume, body and hand cream, shower cream, room defusers and more. I was shocked to see all the different products they had to offer.

For the first part of the event we were allowed to explore the boutique for ourselves and get those all important blog and instagram pics! The boutique was decorated with some gorgeous flower arrangements by Nordic Twigs which gave the place that extra autumnal feel. We were then introduced to the store manager, Peter, who explained what their new scent, English Oak, is all about. He told us that Jo Malone is the first brand to use authentic oak in their scent so very exciting for them. I love that they are being inovative and trying something original and totally new. Peter told us the beautiful story which inspired the scent. It's a nostalgia story taking us back to when we were young and playing with friends in the woods. It also symbolises the merging of fantasy and reality you get when walking through the English countryside this time of year. The fairy imagery on their promotional posters really captures this well.

There are two English Oak Scents you can buy, English Oak and Redcurrent or English Oak and Hazelnut. It was interesting seeing the divide between us bloggers over which one we preferred, but I definitely preferred the hazelnut scent. The nutty scent of the hazelnut mixed with the woody scent of the Oak and Cedarwood created a warm and cosy scent, perfect for the autumn time. Peter also showed us the scents on their own and the pure hazelnut one was divine. He also showed us some of their other scents that would work well with English Oak, my favourite being Blackberry and Bay.

Next we took it in turns to have an arm massage by the lovely girls who worked in the boutique. They mixed our favourite English Oak Scent with our favourite other scent, so for me it was Hazelnut and Blackberry and Bay. It was so lovely having the arm massage and learning more about the company from Louise who did my massage. Later on that day I went out for my friend's birthday and couldn't believe I could still smell the scents so much even hours later.

Whilst we were waiting for our massages we enjoyed some chocolate by Rococo Chocolates who created these treats specifically for the event. We were also treated to some scrumptious jam scones by Wild Mint cafe.

Next we were all gifted a special Jo Malone box including some samples of their best selling fragrances. We got to decorate them ourselves to make them more personal with some fairy and oak leaf stamps. We were then taught how to do a Jo Malone bow - no bag is allowed to leave the store without a bow!

Ignore my weird squatting, here are all the lovely local blogging girls! From L-R MillyBeckyGeorgiaKatie, IndiaHollyElizaRosie, LyndsayGeorgiaMe, Tania

I learned so much at this event and have definitely been converted to Jo Malone! A huge thank you to the Jo Malone boutique in Chichester and their manager Peter for hosting this great event and to the lovely Katie from KatieKirkLoves who organised the whole thing! She did an amazing job. It was great to meet some more local bloggers as well.

If you want to get your hands on the new Jo Malone scents then you can click here

What's your favourite autumn perfume? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon, 

Beth x


28 September 2017

Finding The Perfect Fit With Hunkemöller

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Here on My Fun Sized Life I often talk about girl power, so today I am following that theme and talking about boobies. That's right! Everyone's boobs are different, different shapes, sizes etc, so it's important we find the right bra that fits us properly and is comfortable, but still makes us feel attractive. After all there's nothing worse than going through your day with uncomfortable jugs and a bra digging into your sides.

Now I'll admit, I'm usually a £5 Primark bra kind of girl, I think I've been measured in a proper lingerie shop maybe twice in my entire life. I find the whole process very awkward. I've got a rough idea of my size so I'll just go with that although I know a few of the bras I own don't fit properly - the cups are slightly too big or the strap is too tight, but I carry on anyway as I'd rather not go through the awkward bra fitting process.  So when Hunkemöller got in contact with me about trying their online bra fitting service, I couldn't wait! 

It turns out I'm not alone. Up to 80% of women wear the wrong sized bra, can you believe that? That means that you and most of your friends are probably wearing the wrong sized bra right now. Luckily Hunkemöller have a handy and easy to use guide to help you find the right size - without having to leave your house! All you need to do is measure your chest size under the bust and the fullest part of your bust for the cup size, put these measurements into their system and voila! Your true bra size is now on the screen.

size guide, bra size, bra fitting, hunkemöller,
I found out that I was a 32C, but stupidly I didn't believe it as I've always been a B so I ordered a bra in the size I thought I was. Unsurprisingly it was too small so I sent it back and replaced it with the size Hunkemöller suggested and it fits PERFECTLY. 

The Hunkemöller website also has a tool to help you find your perfect shape. Once you know your size you can answer the questions in the quiz and it will generate the perfect kind of bra for you. I got balcony bra, which was a pleasant surprise as these are my favourite kind of bras. The one I chose was the Mazy Padded Underwired Bra, which is a beautiful turquoise and purple colour. The colours and pattern on it remind me of a mermaid which is one of the main reasons I bought it. 

Hunkemöller bra, hunkemoller, balcony bra, mermaid bra, bra review, pretty bra,

hunkemoller review, bra review, bra blog post, underwear, underwear review, mermaid bra, mermaid,

bra size, 32C bra, hunkemöller review, hunkemöller bra, balcony bra,

As I mentioned earlier, the bra fits perfectly. I often have a problem with the cup not being filled properly, but it wasn't the case with this one. The straps are also super comfy, I hate it when they have to be pulled so tightly the dig in otherwise they keep falling down, but again no issues with this one. It also fit well round the back. I could go most of the day wearing this with no problem. The only complaint I do have is that at the end of the day it does start to rub a bit under my bust, but I think this is due to the underwire, so if you don't like that then I would go for a non wired one. 

A big thank you to Hunkemöller for letting me try out their bra guides and sending me one of their gorgeous products. I really do recommend you try it out for yourself to see if you've been getting your bra size wrong all along! You can find the bra size guide here and the bra shape guide here along with their full range of lingerie here. I'd love to know how you got on and if you were surprised by the results!

When was the last time you got your bra fitted properly? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon, 

Beth x

*The products mentioned in this blog post were gifted to me for review purposes, however all opinions remain and will always be 100% my own

17 September 2017

The Scully Effect

I have a confession to make, I'm obsessed with the X Files. This is definitely not a shock to anyone I know. I love the original TV Show, films, audio books and reboot, I have t-shirts, stickers on my laptop but most notably, a tattoo on my leg.

When I told everyone I was going to get the tattoo, most people thought I was mad. My tattoo artist (the incredibly talented Gee Hawkes) even said "you're going to have to love this TV show forever now" but I wasn't worried, I know I will love it forever and that is for one reason: Dana Scully. 

Dana Scully has become such a role model in my life ever since I first got into the X Files a couple of years ago. For those who are unfamiliar to the show, Scully is an FBI agent assigned to the X Files (the department that deals with ufos, paranormal activity and other unexplained goings on) to try and debunk it and get the X Files shut down. However, with the help of Agent Mulder she soon learns that there is more to this world than she could ever imagine and becomes Mulder's partner, working alongside him to keep the department going. She is also a medical doctor and deals with the scientific side to each case, forever being the voice of logic and reason in situations that seem to have no explanation. She starts off the series as a total sceptic and although this is a reoccurring theme throughout the show, towards the later seasons it's she who must convince other agents of possible paranormal explanations.

Scully is strong, fearless, smart and unintentionally sexy. She's a woman trying to make her mark in a male dominated world, something that as a film maker I have to face too. She also has a great relationship with a man some (including me) would go as far as saying they're in love, but she never lets it define her. She is her own person.

I am too young to remember when the X Files first came out on TV as it started 3 years before I was born but after reading this article I happened to find on Facebook one day, it solidified my love for her and I knew then I had to get the tattoo. The article talks about how the character of Scully inspired many women who grew up watching her to enter careers in science, medicine or the FBI.
As an aspiring screenwriter myself, the idea of creating a character who could inspire and influence the lives of girls who watch it so positively is probably the most amazing thing I could ever do.

Now there's one important person I haven't mentioned so far in this post and that is the actress who plays Scully, Gillian Anderson. Apart from playing a super bad ass woman for the past 24 years she is pretty amazing and inspiring herself. She is known for her activism as much as she is known for her acting and has stood up for LGBTQ+ youth, women's rights, African people suffering with AIDS, animal rights and people with Neurofibromatosis just to name a few. She has worked with countless charities, released many books including a self help manifesto for women released this year called WE. Oh yeah and she has an OBE for her services to Drama. So all in all she's pretty damn awesome. 

Gillian (centre) raising money for children with cancer. (source)

(photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Both Dana Scully and Gillian Anderson are huge role models for me and I'm so happy I got this tattoo of her/them. I'm planning on eventually having tattoos all the way up my leg so perhaps I will do a post on the history/meaning behind all of them, although I doubt they will all be this long! 

Would you get a tattoo of your role model? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon, 

Beth x 


27 August 2017

Wearing My Wingz

Autumn is fast approaching us. This summer has seemed to end really abruptly and I don't know about you but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to decide what to wear. One minute it's cold and rainy, the next I'm taking 3 layers off in the baking sun! So, when Wingz fashion contacted me about reviewing one of their products, I couldn't wait!

Wingz fashion create removable sleeves, that's right, REMOVABLE sleeves! As someone who's cold 90% of the time, this is a wardrobe staple I never knew I needed. Their slogan is "add sleeves to anything" and that's exactly what they do. Plus, they are small and light and could easily be rolled up in your bag if you want to take them off, or maybe take them with you on a night out for the journey home! The garment is really easy to put on, I find it easiest to step into it, put the band underneath my bra and slip my arms through the sleeves. You can then put your top, dress or whatever you want on over the top! I was worried about the band being uncomfortable or digging into my ribs but I can't feel it and in fact sometimes forget it's there at all!

I went for the full length stretch lace "wingz" in black, but there are so many different styles, colours and designs to choose from. These ones fit my style the most, I love the gothic vibes they bring, especially paired with this turtle neck dress!

(Dress from Warehouse)

For me, the main reason I like these sleeves is because I might get a bit chilly now and again, but I know there are many girls out there who feel really self conscious about their arms, my mum is one of them. She often looks at clothes she likes, but sighs and walks away when she sees they are sleeveless. With Wingz, you can wear what you want to wear whilst still feeling comfortable and confident and I think that's what makes this such an ingenious invention!

The best part about Wingz is that after seeing the photos my mum didn't even realise I was just reviewing the sleeves, she thought it was all one dress. This was probably the most important aspect to me because it would look really strange if it was obvious that the sleeves weren't part of the dress.

I'm looking forward to see what new styles Wingz come up with and getting stocked up for the autumn! If you would like your own pair of Wingz then you can check out their shop here: http://www.wingzfashion.com/shop/

See you soon,

Beth xx

*The products mentioned in this blog post were gifted to me for review purposes, however all opinions remain and will always be 100% my own

17 July 2017

How To Be A Barrier Queen

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Summer is in full swing and for me this means one thing - music! This is the time when I always tend to go to a lot of gigs and I know this is true for many music lovers, especially as it's festival season too! This has been especially relevant to me this week as I attended Community Festival in London last Saturday and then travelled to Cardiff to see Blink 182. I saw 17 bands over 2 days!

Now if you're a short gal like me then concerts can hold some issues for you, mainly issues with actually being able to see the stage. Well today I'm going to give you some advice on how to make sure you're at the barrier so you can get a (good) view of the show!


Now this really depends on the size of the venue and the popularity of the artist you're seeing but 9 times out of 10 you're going to want to be queuing at the venue from early in the morning. I'm talking like 8 or 9 am early! For example, Tom and I got to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff at 9:30am for Blink 182 and we still weren't the first ones in the queue but we did manage to get 1 away from the barrier. However, last year when I saw The Last Shadow Puppets in Brighton we didn't queue up until 5pm and we were the third ones in the line and got to the very front.

As for festivals, prepare to be near the front for bands you're not really bothered about to make sure you're at the front for the band you want to see. This can mean you are on your feet for hours so make sure you're ready for that! This was our initial idea to see Catfish And The Bottlemen at Community Festival but we decided we'd rather spend the time looking around the festival so sacrificed our spot at the barrier.

festival fashion, flower crown, claires, community festival
Flower Crown: Claire's Accessories
Choker: Primark
Jacket: Ebay
Cardigan: H&M
Shorts: Pretty Little Thing
Bag: River Island

festival, summer, festival look, music gig, festival outfiit, community festival,


If you're going to be spending all day waiting in line then you are probably a) going to get hungry and b) need to go to the toilet. But how can you do this without losing your place in the line? Well one option is to take it in turns with the friends you are going to the gig with (this is what Tom and I did for Blink) but another way is to make friends with the people next to you. Then if you need to leave for whatever reason they will usually let you back into your place when you return. It's also really nice just to meet people at gigs as you have the same interests and it makes the day more enjoyable.


After the awful events that have happened recently, many venues are now banning bags over a certain size. If you can help it, don't bring a bag at all so you can skip getting searched and/or going to the cloakroom. If you do need to bring a bag then I would suggest a bum bag as its small and you can keep it on you at all times. 


So many people go to the merch table before heading to the stage, this is the perfect opportunity for you to make your way to the barrier. Don't worry about getting a T-shirt, there's usually loads left at the end!

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20 June 2017

We Had Our Own Festival

Last week my friends and I put a bunch of glitter on our faces, bought some Prosecco and headed down to the local park, put some music on and called it a festival!

We originally had plans to bring a tent, fairy lights and a bbq to make it more "festivally" but you really don't need all of that to have a good time, especially when you're a poor student like us!

These are the girls I have spent the last year bonding with over the stresses and successes of the second year of film school but now that's all come to an end we thought we'd have a little party to celebrate. We're all big fans of festival fashion (in fact I have a whole post dedicated to just that!) so we had to go with this theme! It wasn't as easy as we were expecting though. It took a mammoth trip around Brighton looking for somewhere that sells chunky glitter and face gems. We almost gave up until the man in a fancy dress shop we looked in suggested pound land and low and behold pound land were the ones who delivered and had loads of gems we could use! I also used some of my Barry M Dazzle Dust that I just so happened to have for another look I'll hopefully be doing soon!

So year 2 has come to an end but it's not the end for this girl gang! We have one year left to go of film school (just saying, that terrifies me!) and some of us are moving in together next year and I'm sure the other girls will be regular visitors!

This was originally supposed to be a girls only event but we decided to let the boyfriends join in. Can you all boo Tom though because he refused to have more than one sequin on his head!

I kept that last one in just for Rowan's lovely face, I'm sure you'll appreciate it buddy! I feel like this evening kicked started my summer and I can't wait for more nights like these.

Would you like to see more photo diaries of events like this? Let me know in the comments! 

See you soon, 

Beth x


13 June 2017

I Took My Dad To A Blogger Event! #WBFathersDay (GIVEAWAY!)

Last Monday my Dad and I were lucky enough to be invited to a special screening of Clint Eastwood's 1992 classic "Unforgiven". It's been a long time since we've been on a trip to London together so we were both very excited! My dad's not a blogger so this was his first blogger event which was extra exciting for him.

We travelled up to Warner Brothers HQ in London to watch the screening in what we were told was the "comfiest cinema in London" and they did not disappoint! The first thing my dad said when we got into our seats was "wow this is comfier than my chair at home!"

Before we went into the screening we had some time to mingle and more importantly eat some food! I think this might have been Dad's favourite part. He went up at least twice for more sandwiches! We were also excited by the statues of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman and of course were complete nerds and got photos next to them! It was also great to finally meet one of my favourite bloggers, Sophie of Popcorn & Glitter who was absolutely lovely!

Seeing the "Warner Bros Preview Screening" sign and being given visitors passes did make us feel pretty important I won't lie! I felt like a proper film critic!

Now onto the film itself. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I hadn't actually heard of this film before my invitation to the event! I'll try and redeem myself by saying Westerns aren't my usual go to film genre but you're probably still going to judge me. I decided to purposefully not look into the film or even watch the trailer before the event so that I could go into it fresh with no expectations. My Dad couldn't remember if he had seen it before as it did come out 25 years ago so you can't really blame him.

We both really enjoyed the film and it was interesting how we took  different things away from it. For me, it wasn't as violent as I was expecting but when I asked my dad what he thought of the film the first thing he said was "violent". He was also very interested in the character development of The Schofield Kid. Played by Jaimz Woolvett, it is his character who is the catalyst of the film, convicning Clint Eastwood's character William to return to his life of an assassin and kill two cowboys who cut the face of a prostitute. The Schofield Kid is young and looks up to William as he has heard many stories about him. He begins the film extremely arrogant, claiming to have killed 5 men, but as the film goes on we learn he is not the cold blooded killer he claims to be and is in fact incredibly short sighted. When it comes his turn to actually kill a man it completely changes him. It affects him so much that he vows never to kill again. My dad found this character arc really interesting.

For me, I really enjoyed the sound design which is not something I would usually say! Perhaps it's because I've been studying it at film school recently that it was more noticeable to me. I especially liked the sound of the clink of Clint's cowboy boots as he walks through the saloon at the shootout towards the end of the film. We both agreed that the cinematography was beautiful with some amazing scenery including large snowy fields. We also both liked the silhouette that opened and closed the film and thought that it bookended it well. Overall we both enjoyed the film but I think my dad liked it a bit more than I did!


The lovely people at Fetch Friends who invited us to the event also gave us two bags worth of Clint Eastwood DVDS! There were way to many for us to keep all to ourselves so I've decided to give some away to you my lovely readers. So I'm giving 4 DVDs away including a copy of The Unforgiven and a set of Clint Eastwood quote badges! The films you can win are: 

The Unforgiven 

Jersey Boys


Letters From Iwo Jimma

You can enter by clicking the link below! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck everyone! The competition ends on the 27th June 2017. The winner will be announced here and on twitter!

See you soon,

Beth x

*The products mentioned were gifted to me by Fetch Publicity. However all opinions remain my own.

6 June 2017

Summer Glam

I haven't posted a proper fashion post in FOREVER. I really want to do more but it takes time, nice weather and high self esteem and those things often don't come at once. Now film school is drawing to a close for the year I'm determined to do many more outfit posts and just generally up my blogging game.

The outfit in question today has been in my wardrobe for weeks now, looking at me every time I open the door, telling me to put it on.  It's an all in one suit from Quiz clothing, a brand I hadn't heard of until recently. I first fell in love with this outfit when I saw it in Debenhams, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it was only £29! You know how much I love a bargain and I honestly was expecting this suit to be at least £50. I think it looks expensive (yes, £50 is expensive to me) so it makes me love it so much more knowing I got it for so cheap.

The second reason I love this outfit so much is because it actually fits me. Doesn't sound like that should be too much of a hard task but this is one of life's hardest issues when you're only 5"2. Anything "full length" is a no go for me and trousers alone are usually an absolute hassle to find so I was honestly in shock when I put this on and realised it didn't need any adjustments. Strangely enough I bought another, really similar suit from the same brand but that one is too big? I don't understand it. Obviously this one and I are just meant to be.

I love the red rose print and have wanted something with this embroidered pattern for a while now. This seems to be a theme with Quiz Clothing as I've seen it on many of their bodysuits, blouses and jeans so I will definitely be adding to my collection!

The last thing I love about this outfit is how it makes me feel. I am yet to wear it out properly but I think it would be perfect for a wedding or party. It also made me feel like a top executive heading into the office on a hot day. I feel fierce in this outfit and that's the first time I've ever used that word to describe myself.

I will leave you with some more photographs taken by my lovely younger brother. Ah the perks of having a photography student for a sibling!

Have you got anything from Quiz Clothing? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

See you soon, 

Beth x
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