8 October 2016

The Discover Film Festival 2016

- First of all I would just like to apologise for being so absent this week! If you like my page on Facebook then you will know I've had the busiest of all busy weeks, including starting a new job and finishing (starting) film school assignments that are due in next week! So yeah sorry again for being the worst blogger ever, please enjoy this post to make up for it! - 

I'm guessing by now that most of you know how much I love films and want to work in the film industry, so you can imagine my excitement when I got invited to the Discover Film Awards! If you don't know, The Discover Film Awards is a film festival run by discover.film, a website dedicated to short films. This is a relatively new festival so I was astounded when they said they had had over 1000 entries which they had to filter down to just 40 to show at the event! 

The festival took place over two days (last Saturday and Sunday) at the Phoenix Theatre in London, one of the oldest in the world! So I hopped on a train early Saturday morning and met my brilliant blogger friend Harry (seriously you should check out his blog!) and our friend Jon and made our way to the event. Once at the cinema we were met by a lovely man who sadly I can't remember the name of but he took our names and gave us these lovely VIP passes which said "Journalist" on them. Not going to lie I felt super professional wearing this and didn't want to take it off! The film makers all had their photos taken by the discover film back drop and were given a free bottle of champagne which I was very jealous about! The auditorium itself reminded me of my favourite cinema, the Dome in Worthing. There is just something about old cinemas that I love, they have much more character to them and we really need to do more to support our local cinemas or they won't be here for much longer! 

Now I'm not going to talk to you about every single film because that would take AGES! So I'm just going to talk to you about my favourites and let you know which ones won awards! 

On Saturday we watched the first 20 films. I was amazed at the versatility, or what the festival organisers described as a "tootie fruity" mix of films! There were some animations, some CGI, Sci Fi, Drama, Comedy, definitely something for everyone.

Of all the films we watched that day it's hard to choose a favourite but the first one that comes to mind is called "Eddie".  As described on their website, Eddie is a suspense drama with a black comedy streak about a tired researcher who has to perform tests on his mute test subject, Eddie. He is stuck in an underground bunker not knowing how long for or why his employers are ignoring him. I love films that keep you guessing so that's probably why I loved this one! 

Another film I really loved was called The Chop. It's a comedy about a Jewish butcher who gets fired from his job and after no luck finding work anywhere else, pretends to be Muslim so he can work for a halal shop. It was really lighthearted and funny and a great way to end the day!

Other films I really enjoyed that day were: 
Promises A short thriller about a man driving home from work when he realises his wife and son are involved in an explosion on the tube. This kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire time!
Penny's From Heaven A sci fi about a girl called Penny who committed suicide, now she must save 1000 people from doing the same so she can get her angel wings. I thought this was a cool idea and had a really nice message and twist at the end. 
The Lift About a chance encounter between two people in a lift which is more than it appears to be. Directed by the same person who directed Penny's From Heaven, another really original idea and I thought it was especially clever that they managed to film it all in one small lift!
Pundemic A sullen recluse learns of a potential pandemic sweeping the nation and is advised not to leave his home. When he realises his supply of tea is non-existent, he must brave the outside. This was really subtly funny and very British!

On the second day we decided to have a little wander around London before we headed off to the event. We came out of Victoria station and just started walking. We found some beautiful buildings and some cool cars which really Jon was more interested in than I was! A result of this we were a tiny bit late to the 3rd screening and also starving so we stopped off at this little cafe next to the cinema which did the WORST veggie sausages I've ever had. Luckily we only missed the first couple of minutes so we didn't lose out on much (apart from the money I spent on those sausages.) 

I really enjoyed the first day but I felt like the films shown on the second day were of an even higher standard and it was so difficult to chose 2 to vote for in the audience awards. My highlights were: 

The Last Laugh Three legendary comedians, one very unusual dressing room! A film about Tommy Cooper waiting to go on for his last show (where he died). Even if you don't know much about Tommy Cooper this was still a great film.
Crack A really funny film about gangs of London taking part in a new craze - conkers! 
The Scared One A french film about a child watching his father from his window, placing a scarecrow in the garden. During the night, the child can’t sleep and goes back to the window: the scarecrow is not there anymore. At the same time he hears creepy noises coming from the house…This one was REALLY creepy! 

After we had watched all the films it was onto the award ceremony! Unfortunately we couldn't stay to hear all the awards but the lovely people at discover.film sent me a list of the winners! 

Best Alternative – Perdition
Best Animation – Urban Audio Spectrum
Best Cinematography – Pollen
Best Comedy – Crack
Best Cross-over – The King
Best Documentary – A Man and His Violin
Best Drama – Dunroamin
Best Horror – The Scared One
Best International Drama – As My Heart Beats
Best Micro Budget – Promises
Best Micro Documentary – Rajai 030516
Best Micro Short – A Magician
Best Narrative – Sisters
Best Sci-Fi – Eddie
Best Actor – Bob Golding | Damian Williams | Simon Cartwright – The Last Laugh
Best Director – Whiskey Sour
Judges Award – Rush Call Clown
Audience Award – The Chop
Best in Festival – The Chop

I had a really great time at the festival and can't wait to go again! If you want to know more about any of the film's or about next year's film festival then you can sign up here (it's free!) https://discover.film/

See you soon, 

Beth xx


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