24 September 2016

My Stranger Things Theories!

So here we are in the second year of my blogging life and I feel like it's time to jazz it up a bit. The purpose of this blog was always to write about things I'm thinking about and the things I love. One of the things I really love is film, I mean I go to Brighton Film School for gods sake! So it's crazy really that I've barely mentioned it on my blog before now. But that is set to change, I'm going to start doing more posts about film - not necessarily reviews but just posts about what I'm watching and I'm what I'm loving etc. I'm also considering some more music related posts too as that is another love of mine! Don't worry though, the fashion and beauty posts won't suffer! As you may have noticed I have started to post twice a week now which means there's room for so many more posts!

Enough about me, time to talk about Stranger Things! If you haven't seen it yet, where have you been? I'm not going to lie, I got into this pretty late (only started last Friday) but with more and more of my film school buddies nagging me to watch it, I couldn't take it anymore and just had to get into it and I'm so glad I did! So much happened within the 8 episodes and so many more questions were posed that this afternoon I found myself chatting with my friend Jack about all the things we think are going to happen and speculating the true history and intent of the characters. I thought I would compile all of these into a blog post for you and you can tell me if you agree with us or not!

DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ALL 8 EPISODES OF STRANGER THINGS. I mean you can but why ruin it for yourself? 

1) El is alive!

The first thing Jack told me when I finished the series is that the creators confirmed El is alive! We last saw her defeating the Demogorgan. This leads me to believe she is probably in the Upside Down. Maybe the gang will look for her in the next series? Will was there for a long time so he would have a lot of knowledge about it which could help them save her!

2) Will And Jonathan have powers like El

Ok this was actually Jack's theory but it makes sense so bear with me! Basically, he thinks Joyce took part in similar drugs trials to El's mum, which would explain why she and Will could communicate through the lights in the upside down. Jonathan could hear Nancy when she was in the upside down which is why we think he might have powers too. The reason they can't do things like El can (yet) is because they weren't experimented on like she was, so they've never had the chance to hone their powers. I know this is totally out there and we could be completely wrong but it's interesting, right?

3) Hopper made a deal with the government and now he works for them

Before they went into the Upside Down, Hopper told Joyce that he made a deal with the government that he won't tell anyone what happens if they let them save Will. But then when he is walking out of the hospital, a strange car pulls up and he gets in. This lead Tom and I to believe he actually made a different deal but didn't tell Joyce and now he is working with them. Plus he was acting super shadey at the christmas party!

4) Hopper was working for the government the whole time

Another one of Jack's crazy theories. When Hopper gets tasered and then suddenly he wakes up at home, the first thing he does is check is house to see if it's been bugged. Jack believes you would have to have been trained to know something like this, especially in the early 80s before conspiracy theories were really big like they are now. 

5) Nancy And Jonathan will end up together

I AM ROOTING FOR THEM SO MUCH. Ok so the whole taking weird photos of her was totally creepy and wrong, he totally made up for it when he saved her from the Upside Down and they have a special bond from fighting the Demogorgan together. Okay so we see her cuddled up with Steve in the final episode, but the cute present and cheeky peck on the cheek she gave Jonathan for christmas definitely says to me that she has feelings for him. Hopefully they will end up together next series!

6) Barb is dead

When El saw her in the upside down and shouted "GONE! GONE!" that was enough of an indication to me that Barb is dead, plus it's been confirmed by the creators. It's a shame because I really liked her character and I think they could have done more with her. If there's a way they can make her come back then I'm definitely up for it!

7) Will has some sort of monster harvest inside of him 

Remember the last scene when Will spits out some gross slug thing? At first I thought maybe that was a bit left over from the Upside Down and the slug thing will grow into a new monster, but Jack reckons he now has a whole harvest of these creatures growing inside of him. I think that would definitely be an interesting twist to season 2!

8) Another portal is going to open

It's pretty inevitable that if there's another series then another portal is going to open. Maybe it will happen on it's own, or maybe it will be opened by Will and his gross monster harvest. One of the final scenes where Will is in the bathroom suggests that it has already started!

Thanks for reading! Do you agree with any of my theories? Or maybe you have your own? Let me know in the comments! 

See you soon,

Beth xx


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