17 September 2016

How To Survive Your First Blogger Event

If you're subscribed to me on youtube or follow me on any type of social media then you may remember I went to my first blogger event last week! I was very kindly invited along to the Soho Hotel by Kiss Products to celebrate Jess Wright from TOWIE coming on board as their celebrity ambassador. I had an amazing time but in the build up to going I got quite nervous! I didn't really know what to expect and I was going all by myself so I was very anxious. Thankfully it went really well and I ended up having an awesome time. I thought there might be a few more bloggers out there who are yet to attend their first event so I thought I would write some tips for how to get through it and make the most out of your first blogger event! I really hope it helps, I know I wish I could have read something like this before I went!

1) Find Someone To Go With
If possible I think you would feel so much more comfortable if you go to the blogger event with a friend. Obviously this isn’t always possible, you can’t always take a +1 and not all of us have lots of blogger friends but if you are able to then I think it would be a good idea, especially if you are nervous. I didn’t have anyone to come with me to the event but I decided to travel with my boyfriend and his friend. This is really important especially if you are travelling far or to somewhere you don’t really know.

2) Get To Know Some Other Bloggers Before The Event
I put a message out on the UK Bloggers Facebook group and asked if anyone else was coming to the kiss products event. I got quite a few replies from people who were going, other people who were nervous and people who had done it loads so were really reassuring! I even managed to find one of the people I spoke to and that made things so much easier!

3) Be Friendly To Everyone
When I first got to the hotel I met 3 other girls in the lift. 2 of them were really lovely and friendly, but the other wouldn’t even shake my hand and was just really off with me. There was honestly no need for this at all and it made me feel even worse about going into the main event. I’d never met these girls before so I have no idea why she took a disliking to me. Maybe she has like a million followers or something so thought she was better than me. Whatever it was there was really no need for her to be like that and it made me feel really nervous about going into the main event. So please be nice to everyone you meet, we’re all in the same boat so there’s really no need to be horrible (even if you do have 1 million followers).

4) Take Business Cards
I wouldn’t say this is essential but it is a very good idea, especially if you’re trying to grow your blog as a business. It’s not only bloggers who are invited to these evens but PR’s too! I was asked by one if I had a business card to give her and was very embarrassed when I said no I didn’t! There are so many sites you can go and to get business cards made up for you for cheap!

5) Don’t Forget To Take Good Pictures! 
With all the excitement and nervousness surrounding the event I barely got as many photos or blog footage as I would have liked to! The brand who are holding the event are probably expecting a blog post from you so make sure you take as many beautiful photos as you can!

6) Bring A Portable Phone Charger
Kind of following on from the last point, the brand are probably expecting some social media posts from you so make sure you don’t run out of battery! You also will probably want to exchange twitter/instagram names with people so it would be awful if your phone ran out of power! It also could be a bit dangerous if you are travelling by yourself.

7) Don’t Get Carried Away By The Free Bar 
If you are lucky enough to go to an event with a free bar then make sure you don’t get too carried away like I did. Notice the glass of wine in my hand in every single selfie above? Wine is my downfall and they had people going around topping up our glasses, I didn’t even really notice how much I was drinking. One moment I was fine and the next I was less than fine…This is another reason I’m glad I had someone to travel with otherwise getting home may have been interesting!

8) Take Advantage Of The Free Stuff! 
One of the best things about blogger events is that they usually give you free stuff! Not only did I receive a whopping great goody bag but there were also things on the tables, sides and even by the bathroom sink that we could just take!

9) Send The PR Company A Follow Up Email
A few days after the event, make sure to send the PR company who invited you a thank you email and tell them how much you enjoyed the event etc. This helps create a good relationship with the PR company and may make them more willing to work with you again in the future or invite you to other events. It would also be a good way to show them your blog posts/ youtube videos about their event!

10) Have Fun!
This is actually just a really cheesy and unnecessary point because I had come up with 9 and I wanted to round it up to 10. But please do have fun! Although it’s kind of working because you’re networking and building up your blog, these events are still really enjoyable and it’s important to have fun otherwise what’s the point?

If you'd like to find out more about what I got up to at the event then you can watch my vlog here!

Thank you for reading and a massive thank you to Alix Silver PR and Kiss Products for inviting me to their event! 


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