28 September 2016

My Autumn Wish List

Right now I am sitting in Starbucks drinking a large hot chocolate and wearing a big cosy green jumper. I could not be happier about this because it means it is Autumn and my favourite time of the year is approaching. Halloween, Tom's birthday, our (4th) anniversary, my birthday and then Christmas! It seems like all our events are packed into the space of 3 months but I love it so much!

One of the best things about Autumn for me is the clothes. I love big jumpers, skinny jeans and boots and omg I am obsessed with bomber jackets this year! Right now though we are still in that awkward transitioning stage where I don't actually have a lot of autumn/winter clothes and trying to scrape together what I can find in between the hoards of crop tops and shorts that I have accumulated over the summer. So I thought I would share with you a little wish list before I go and blow half my student grant on a new wardrobe! None of this is sponsored btw, I just want to show you guys what I like!

1) Woolly Jumper - You can't have autumn without woolly jumpers. You just can't. I have at least 5 at home already but I will end up with more!

2) Oversized Graphic Jumpers - Look I just really love jumpers ok. When it's not quite cold enough for the woolly ones but you still want to be cosy then these are perfect plus they are so fun!

3) Embrodered Bomber Jackets - As I mentioned earlier, bomber jackets are life right now and these embroidered ones are just so beautiful!

4) Woolly Hats - I love wearing hats, especially woolly ones to keep my little ears warm in the winter!

5) Chunky Boots - I don't even have to explain this one, chunky boots are an autumn must have!

6) Mini Skirts - Pairing these with some thick leggings is one of my favourite autumn looks!

7) Grey Rucksack - I included this one because autumn is when we go back to school/college/uni and so we are needing big bags like this! Plus the colour is gorgeous!

Thanks for reading! I am going to the student lock in next week so there will no doubt be an autumn haul on my youtube channel very soon! Did you like my wish list? What's on yours?

See you soon,

Beth x


24 September 2016

My Stranger Things Theories!

So here we are in the second year of my blogging life and I feel like it's time to jazz it up a bit. The purpose of this blog was always to write about things I'm thinking about and the things I love. One of the things I really love is film, I mean I go to Brighton Film School for gods sake! So it's crazy really that I've barely mentioned it on my blog before now. But that is set to change, I'm going to start doing more posts about film - not necessarily reviews but just posts about what I'm watching and I'm what I'm loving etc. I'm also considering some more music related posts too as that is another love of mine! Don't worry though, the fashion and beauty posts won't suffer! As you may have noticed I have started to post twice a week now which means there's room for so many more posts!

Enough about me, time to talk about Stranger Things! If you haven't seen it yet, where have you been? I'm not going to lie, I got into this pretty late (only started last Friday) but with more and more of my film school buddies nagging me to watch it, I couldn't take it anymore and just had to get into it and I'm so glad I did! So much happened within the 8 episodes and so many more questions were posed that this afternoon I found myself chatting with my friend Jack about all the things we think are going to happen and speculating the true history and intent of the characters. I thought I would compile all of these into a blog post for you and you can tell me if you agree with us or not!

DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ALL 8 EPISODES OF STRANGER THINGS. I mean you can but why ruin it for yourself? 

1) El is alive!

The first thing Jack told me when I finished the series is that the creators confirmed El is alive! We last saw her defeating the Demogorgan. This leads me to believe she is probably in the Upside Down. Maybe the gang will look for her in the next series? Will was there for a long time so he would have a lot of knowledge about it which could help them save her!

2) Will And Jonathan have powers like El

Ok this was actually Jack's theory but it makes sense so bear with me! Basically, he thinks Joyce took part in similar drugs trials to El's mum, which would explain why she and Will could communicate through the lights in the upside down. Jonathan could hear Nancy when she was in the upside down which is why we think he might have powers too. The reason they can't do things like El can (yet) is because they weren't experimented on like she was, so they've never had the chance to hone their powers. I know this is totally out there and we could be completely wrong but it's interesting, right?

3) Hopper made a deal with the government and now he works for them

Before they went into the Upside Down, Hopper told Joyce that he made a deal with the government that he won't tell anyone what happens if they let them save Will. But then when he is walking out of the hospital, a strange car pulls up and he gets in. This lead Tom and I to believe he actually made a different deal but didn't tell Joyce and now he is working with them. Plus he was acting super shadey at the christmas party!

4) Hopper was working for the government the whole time

Another one of Jack's crazy theories. When Hopper gets tasered and then suddenly he wakes up at home, the first thing he does is check is house to see if it's been bugged. Jack believes you would have to have been trained to know something like this, especially in the early 80s before conspiracy theories were really big like they are now. 

5) Nancy And Jonathan will end up together

I AM ROOTING FOR THEM SO MUCH. Ok so the whole taking weird photos of her was totally creepy and wrong, he totally made up for it when he saved her from the Upside Down and they have a special bond from fighting the Demogorgan together. Okay so we see her cuddled up with Steve in the final episode, but the cute present and cheeky peck on the cheek she gave Jonathan for christmas definitely says to me that she has feelings for him. Hopefully they will end up together next series!

6) Barb is dead

When El saw her in the upside down and shouted "GONE! GONE!" that was enough of an indication to me that Barb is dead, plus it's been confirmed by the creators. It's a shame because I really liked her character and I think they could have done more with her. If there's a way they can make her come back then I'm definitely up for it!

7) Will has some sort of monster harvest inside of him 

Remember the last scene when Will spits out some gross slug thing? At first I thought maybe that was a bit left over from the Upside Down and the slug thing will grow into a new monster, but Jack reckons he now has a whole harvest of these creatures growing inside of him. I think that would definitely be an interesting twist to season 2!

8) Another portal is going to open

It's pretty inevitable that if there's another series then another portal is going to open. Maybe it will happen on it's own, or maybe it will be opened by Will and his gross monster harvest. One of the final scenes where Will is in the bathroom suggests that it has already started!

Thanks for reading! Do you agree with any of my theories? Or maybe you have your own? Let me know in the comments! 

See you soon,

Beth xx


20 September 2016

My Big Blog Birthday Giveaway (closed)

1 year ago I had just come home from a trip to Zante with my friends, so I decided to write about it. We had to make blogs at college as part of our BTEC coursework and I had thought for a long time about starting my own. 2 weeks after I arrived home from my holiday I finally decided to go for it and make one. I ummed and erred about what I should call it for a while (at first it was bethanana.blogspot.com because that was the nickname my college friends gave me) but eventually I settled on My Fun Sized Life. I called it this because I am small (5"3) and I wanted to blog about everything to do with my life...so the name seemed to fit and it has stuck! One year on and I never imagined I'd be here with nearly 20K views on my blog! I have started going to events, I am in talks about doing my first sponsored posts and I've met some absolutely lovely bloggers along the way too!

One thing that has really helped me keep going with this crazy blogging malarkey is my lovely friends, so a couple of us got together last week for a picnic in the park to celebrate!

I even got a birthday cake for the occasion!


It's not only my friends and family I have to thank, in fact it's you, my readers, who I have to thank the most! So to say thank you for sticking with me for a whole year, I have decided to hold a giveaway! This giveaway includes:

2 x Kiss False Lashes*
1 x Kiss False Nails*
1 x Impress False Nails*
Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Blush Palette
Benefit Liquid Bronzer
Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick

things with a * were gifted to me for promotional reasons. The rest I bought with my own money! 

Terms & Conditions:

1) Entries will be accepted from 20th September 2016 - Thursday 20th October 2016
2) All Entries must be from the UK ONLY! Sorry international friends I don't have enough money to ship this worldwide!
3) The winner will be announced via twitter at 9pm GMT on Thursday 20th October. In the event they do not have twitter the winner will be announced via email.
4) This competition is run by myself and not affiliated with any other brand or company.
5) The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter's random generator. 

The prize is worth almost £50 so I think you'll agree it's pretty cool! If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning ALL this amazing stuff then you can enter here!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be contacting the winner on Thursday 20th October. Good luck!

Thank you all for reading. Here's to another year of My Fun Sized Life! 


17 September 2016

How To Survive Your First Blogger Event

If you're subscribed to me on youtube or follow me on any type of social media then you may remember I went to my first blogger event last week! I was very kindly invited along to the Soho Hotel by Kiss Products to celebrate Jess Wright from TOWIE coming on board as their celebrity ambassador. I had an amazing time but in the build up to going I got quite nervous! I didn't really know what to expect and I was going all by myself so I was very anxious. Thankfully it went really well and I ended up having an awesome time. I thought there might be a few more bloggers out there who are yet to attend their first event so I thought I would write some tips for how to get through it and make the most out of your first blogger event! I really hope it helps, I know I wish I could have read something like this before I went!

1) Find Someone To Go With
If possible I think you would feel so much more comfortable if you go to the blogger event with a friend. Obviously this isn’t always possible, you can’t always take a +1 and not all of us have lots of blogger friends but if you are able to then I think it would be a good idea, especially if you are nervous. I didn’t have anyone to come with me to the event but I decided to travel with my boyfriend and his friend. This is really important especially if you are travelling far or to somewhere you don’t really know.

2) Get To Know Some Other Bloggers Before The Event
I put a message out on the UK Bloggers Facebook group and asked if anyone else was coming to the kiss products event. I got quite a few replies from people who were going, other people who were nervous and people who had done it loads so were really reassuring! I even managed to find one of the people I spoke to and that made things so much easier!

3) Be Friendly To Everyone
When I first got to the hotel I met 3 other girls in the lift. 2 of them were really lovely and friendly, but the other wouldn’t even shake my hand and was just really off with me. There was honestly no need for this at all and it made me feel even worse about going into the main event. I’d never met these girls before so I have no idea why she took a disliking to me. Maybe she has like a million followers or something so thought she was better than me. Whatever it was there was really no need for her to be like that and it made me feel really nervous about going into the main event. So please be nice to everyone you meet, we’re all in the same boat so there’s really no need to be horrible (even if you do have 1 million followers).

4) Take Business Cards
I wouldn’t say this is essential but it is a very good idea, especially if you’re trying to grow your blog as a business. It’s not only bloggers who are invited to these evens but PR’s too! I was asked by one if I had a business card to give her and was very embarrassed when I said no I didn’t! There are so many sites you can go and to get business cards made up for you for cheap!

5) Don’t Forget To Take Good Pictures! 
With all the excitement and nervousness surrounding the event I barely got as many photos or blog footage as I would have liked to! The brand who are holding the event are probably expecting a blog post from you so make sure you take as many beautiful photos as you can!

6) Bring A Portable Phone Charger
Kind of following on from the last point, the brand are probably expecting some social media posts from you so make sure you don’t run out of battery! You also will probably want to exchange twitter/instagram names with people so it would be awful if your phone ran out of power! It also could be a bit dangerous if you are travelling by yourself.

7) Don’t Get Carried Away By The Free Bar 
If you are lucky enough to go to an event with a free bar then make sure you don’t get too carried away like I did. Notice the glass of wine in my hand in every single selfie above? Wine is my downfall and they had people going around topping up our glasses, I didn’t even really notice how much I was drinking. One moment I was fine and the next I was less than fine…This is another reason I’m glad I had someone to travel with otherwise getting home may have been interesting!

8) Take Advantage Of The Free Stuff! 
One of the best things about blogger events is that they usually give you free stuff! Not only did I receive a whopping great goody bag but there were also things on the tables, sides and even by the bathroom sink that we could just take!

9) Send The PR Company A Follow Up Email
A few days after the event, make sure to send the PR company who invited you a thank you email and tell them how much you enjoyed the event etc. This helps create a good relationship with the PR company and may make them more willing to work with you again in the future or invite you to other events. It would also be a good way to show them your blog posts/ youtube videos about their event!

10) Have Fun!
This is actually just a really cheesy and unnecessary point because I had come up with 9 and I wanted to round it up to 10. But please do have fun! Although it’s kind of working because you’re networking and building up your blog, these events are still really enjoyable and it’s important to have fun otherwise what’s the point?

If you'd like to find out more about what I got up to at the event then you can watch my vlog here!

Thank you for reading and a massive thank you to Alix Silver PR and Kiss Products for inviting me to their event! 


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14 September 2016

Working At Goodwood Revival Festival

Goodwood Revival Festival

Goodwood Revival Festival happens every year in Sussex and is a chance to dress up in 1940s/50s/60s clothes, look at some vintage cars and planes and watch some racing. Now I am in no way a petrol head, but when I saw an advert offering the chance to work at the festival,  I jumped at it! The tickets are very expensive so I knew this would probably be my only chance of getting to experience the festival any time soon. I applied on the Sunday and by Tuesday I got the call to offer me the job! I was so excited as I have just come of out of a different job so any way I can earn a bit of money is vital for me right now! I also thought I'd get to have a lot of fun whilst doing it too!

I was expecting to wear a cute 1950s dress, meet and greet with the guests (including many celebs who attend) and just generally have a great weekend whilst earning some money too. The reality? Standing in a field for 12 hours at a time helping people to get on and off the tractor bus service. Did I get to wear a 1950s dress? No. Did I get to see any of the festival? No. Did I enjoy it? You know what, I actually kind of did!

The first day was very, very long. I got there at 6:30 am to sign in at the Goodwood staff trailer and was handed a fetching brown coat to wear. I was also given a back pocket guide, a radio and a map. Since this was my first time working there and in fact the first time I've ever been to Goodwood in my life I was expecting someone to meet me and show me where to go. No such thing happened so I had to find my own way. This may not seem like a big deal but the race track is over 2 miles and anyone who knows me knows that my sense of direction is seriously lacking! So I started what would be the long walk to my spot. There were some stewards at the front gate who directed me one way. It was there I found an information desk who tried to help but they didn't really have any clue either. The man at the desk said "wow that's right out in the sticks!" which really gave me the encouragement I needed. I carried on walking and asking other stewards if they knew where I should go, they all said no. Eventually I found a little corner with a bar and a burger van. I went up to the people at the bar, showed them my map and pointed to where I needed to be. The barman said "oh, you've come a little bit too far, walk back down that way and you should find it!" So I disgruntledly turned around to walk back the way I came when suddenly I saw it, the sign for bus stop 4! I thanked the Gods and then went to set up in my spot.

Goodwood Revival Festival Vintage Cars

Goodwood Revival Festival Vintage Racing Car

Remember when I said I got there at 6:30am? Well my shift ended at 8:30pm. It also really didn't help that I drank a little bit too much wine the night before (more on that later this week!) and I was definitely feeling the effects of it all day. The day finally started to draw to a close, people started to leave our area, the burger van and bar started to pack up and the sun went down. However it was only 8pm and I was supposed to stay until 8:30! I suddenly found myself in the field alone in the dark! I realised the tractors had stopped running but I had heard nothing to say we could go home. As I was so far out I thought they would send someone round to take me back. lol no. I eventually realised this and decided I better start walking. There was a huge wooded area to walk through and it was now pitch black. This was honestly the scariest moment of my life and I was so sure I was going to be murdered. To make matters worse, my phone died so I couldn't even use the torch or contact anyone in the event that I was kidnapped. I somehow managed to survive and got home safe, not particularly enthused for the two days ahead.

The second day can only be described as wet. It started out nice enough, the sun was shining and I got chatty with the people in the burger van who made me an absolutely delicious breakfast burger! But come 10 o clock the heavens opened! Thank the lord I brought an umbrella with me because I really don't know what I would have done! Hours passed and the rain only got worse. There was mud everywhere, I was soaked and it was becoming too wet for my umbrella to save me. Thankfully one of the guys from the burger van (these people were honestly the best) saw me struggling and offered me his pac a mac. So now I was standing in a muddy field wearing a lovely blue rain coat helping people on and off a tractor. Not really the weekend I had imagined! It got to 6pm  and the tractor drivers told me they were doing their last rounds, one of them offered me a lift back to the entrance and I decided to go - no way was I walking through that scary woods again!

Goodwood Revival Festival People Dressed Up Costumes 1960s

By the final day I was absolutely knackered. I fell asleep in the car on the way there and I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to survive another 12 hour shift. Thankfully the sun was shining so much it was almost hard to believe it had rained so much the day before, however the mud was there to remind me. I had become quite friendly with the burger van people by now and they gave me yet another breakfast burger and countless cups of tea. I sat on the hill with one of the girls from the van in the morning and watched the racing before the crowds came. This day was the busiest of them all with people queing up for the bus. It was a bit stressful but it made the day go by really fast! It was so hot that I decided to take my brown staff coat off during my break, but when I came back it had gone! I couldn't believe someone had taken my staff coat, who would want it? It turned out some german people had taken it to lost property, thank god I didn't lose it otherwise I would have had to pay £20 for it! By 6:30 the queues had died down again so I said my final goodbyes to the burger van people and hopped on the tractor back. I would like to have said this was a smooth running day (apart from the coat incident) but my Dad got completely lost when trying to pick me up and I ended up waiting over an hour for him in the car park! Safe to say I was so happy when I was finally home and didn't have to worry about getting up at 5am the next morning!

You're probably wondering how the hell I could have enjoyed this and I won't pretend it wasn't hard work because it really was! But I did enjoy meeting all the people I met and speaking to everyone, I got to watch some racing and I know I've already mentioned them but those breakfast burgers were SO good! I do want to go back next year but not as a tractor steward, hopefully I'll find a more glamorous role next time!

A massive thank you to Rachael from rachaeljess.com for letting me use her awesome pictures of the event for this blog post! You should definitely go and check out her blog.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever worked at a festival? Or maybe you went to Goodwood Revival this year? Let me know in the comments! 
See you soon, 

Beth xx


6 September 2016

How My Short Hair Gave Me Confidence

short blonde hair confidence

I have had self confidence issues for as long as I can remember. I never really feel pretty or good enough and I am often conscious about what others think of me. It is something I really wish I could shake but I'm not quite there yet. Even now my skin is not in the best condition and I've got a bit more extra podge than I would like thanks to not enough dancing and way too much pizza over the summer. But today I am not here to talk about the negative things, as there is one very positive change I have made to my appearance recently, a simple haircut which has sky rocketed my confidence! I really don't want you guys to think I am just gloating but I have felt so much happier since I chopped it all off and I feel I need to share this with you.

Just like any little girl, I have always wanted long, princess Esq hair. Unfortunately for me though my hair is very fine and has the tendency to look knotty all the time even though I literally just brushed it! I also went through an emo stage during which I dyed my hair pretty much every colour under the sun and so caused it even more damage, in fact it got to the point where some of my hair even broke off it was that bad! I still managed to get my hair to about an average length (it's never been past my boobs) and in fact my hairdresser said it's very healthy now, but like I said before it always looked crap, limp and flat.

Last year was especially hard for me when I went on holiday to Zante with a group of friends. The three girls I went with all had beautiful long shiny hair. Mine was medium length, pretty thin and still quite damaged at this point. Seeing them all look like beautiful mermaids really didn't do much for my self confidence. I've never hated my hair as much as I did on that holiday.

Short blonde hair bershka denim skirt
Turtle Neck Top - H&M
Skirt - Bershka
Shoes - Bershka

As many of you will know I am a huge fan of Kylie Jenner's style and ever since she had short hair I have thought about getting the chop. I was just never sure if it would suit me as I had an absolutely awful short haircut in year 7 and I was terrified I'd end up looking and feeling like that nerdy 12 year old again. Then I came across Laura Jadestone's instagram account and I fell in love. Her hair was AMAZING! I knew my hair would never be as thick as hers but the length suited her so well and didn't look nerdy at all. It was then I decided to just go for it and I'm so glad I did!

I have had so many lovely comments from real life friends and internet friends all telling me how much they love it, how much it suits me and how pretty I look. I'm not used to that at all. I know there is way more to life and to people than how they look, but the response I got after uploading my first facebook profile picture with my new hair made me feel absolutely wonderful, and we all deserve that don't we?

It's not only other people's reactions that have given me such a boost, but I feel great in myself! Every time I see it in the mirror I'm like yas! This is me, this is my style, something I have struggled to find for so long! Tom's mum recently shaved all her hair off for charity but now she says she's never felt so confident and she feels more like herself. Although I wasn't quite as brave as her I feel TOTALLY the same way!

So yes, I still struggle with self confidence all the time, but at least now I can finally say I love my hair! If you are struggling with confidence issues then first of all I just want to remind you that you are beautiful and you are awesome and never let anyone tell you different! But maybe it's time to shake things up a little. It could be as dramatic as changing your hairstyle or as simple as wearing those brighter eyeshadow shades you've been loving but too afraid to wear yourself. Whatever it is that makes you feel great just go for it and do it because you deserve to feel amazing!

Thanks for reading! Have you done anything that's improved your self confidence? I'd love to know in the comments below!

See you soon,

Beth x

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