23 August 2016

My Amsterdam Look Book

It feels like FOREVER since I last did an outfit post (okay it was actually in June but that's still quite a long time ago.) Anyway, if you are following me on any kind of social media then you will know that I spent last week exploring Amsterdam! I really loved all the outfits I took with me so I thought I would share them with you! Now a little disclaimer: please do not laugh at me because of my bum bag. I was being a proper tourist and also I am really conscious of people stealing my stuff so I wore my bum bag all the time I was out and about!


Jumpsuit: £17.99 from Bershka 
Cardigan: £7.99 from H&M
Shoes: £6.99 from Shoe Zone

Sunglasses: €10 from The Amsterdam Experience

Necklace: £2 from Depop

For our first day away I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable enough to wear on the plane and whilst walking around the city, but something that was still stylish and made me feel great! This green jumpsuit was an obvious choice for me! it is one of my favourite pieces of clothing that I own because I feel it really compliments my body (do you know how hard it is to find a jumpsuit that actually fits when you're only 5"3!) and is soo comfy! I'm also in love with the colour. Even though it was super warm in Amsterdam last week, I decided to bring a cardigan with me because I feel the cold very easily. It's a good job I did bring it because it was freezing when we went our evening canal tour! I like to wear this outfit with my blue slip on shoes but this was a terrible idea because they cut my toe from all the walking and I had to deal with a bleeding foot on the way home! Not pretty.


Top: £3.99 from H&M
Skirt: from Bershka but unfortunately they don't stock it anymore!

Shoes: £47 from VANS
Bum Bag: from River Island but again is out of stock!

Ok I know I've featured this top before but I am in love with it so had to bring it with me! I love love love the 70s style and I think this combination of the patterned top and skirt really creates some 70s vibes. Also this was the first time I wore this skirt without tights or leggings so sorry if I look slightly self conscious here - I was so worried about showing off my bum! These pictures were taken at the Royal Artis Zoo, I don't know how well you can see them but there are two elephants behind me! 


Trousers: £17.99 from New Look but they don't stock them anymore. Here are some similar and £10 cheaper!
Top: £4 from Boohoo 

Day 3 was our last day so again I was looking for something comfortable to wear on the plane and for our last bit of exploring! I decided to go with these beautiful trousers and pair them with a plain top so that all the emphasis would be on them! I decided on a crop top because it was so hot! I would usually wear this outfit with my blue shoes slip ons from the first look but we were doing a lot of walking so I decided that my vans would be a better idea!

If you want to see more of what I got up to in Amsterdam then you can check out my vlogs here!

Thanks for reading? Which look was your favourite?

See you soon!

Beth xx


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