4 August 2016

LUSH Don't Look At Me Face Mask Review

This week's blog post is a bit different and very cool because my 13 year old sister is helping me to review this product! So yay! Everyone applaud, say hello to Loz and then lets get on with this review!

Beth's first opinions: I bought this face mask when I went to London to see The Last Shadow Puppets. (Check out the vlog here) It had been really hot for once and my skin was super oily so I decided I needed to sort it out! The lovely lady in Lush recommended the Don't Look At Me face mask which she said helped her out when she had the same problem! I was enticed by it's bright blue colour and lemony smell that I decided to buy it! At first I was surprised at how small it was for the price (£6.95!) but actually there is a lot of product in there, enough to last you for at least 5 pamper sessions I'd say!

Loz's first opinions: I think it's really weird that you have to keep it in the fridge. This made it really cold when I put it on my face which at first I didn't like but actually it was really refreshing. As I was putting it on I could feel all these lumps and bumps in it which I haven't had in a face mask before. Also I feel like a smurf because it is so blue!

Beth: I really loved how it felt on my face. I have never tried a Lush face mask before (shocking I know) and I was pleasantly surprised at the rich texture of it, something you don't get from the 99p Tesco face masks! It really does feel like something you get when you go to a spa. Also it overwhelms you with this really fresh smell which I guess is due to those lemons!

Loz: It smelt really nice, like one of those wipes you get after you've had a meal at an Indian restaurant. I like them! It felt compact on my skin and after about 10 minutes it started to feel really tight but I guess that means it's working.

Beth: After taking the mask off, my skin felt so smooth! (my favourite part of doing face masks is stroking my face afterwards haha) However it did make me go quite red and felt a bit burny after a while which was worrying as I do have sensitive skin, but it went down after a few minutes luckily. My skin didn't feel oily at all this morning which is fab! However I do still have quite a few break outs - but it's also my time of the month so I don't think there's much a face mask can do about that unfortunately! I've got a lot of product left in the tub so I'm going to use it once a week for a while and hopefully my skin will clear up!

Loz: It took quite a long time to get all the blue off of my face but once I did I noticed my spots had gone down straight away and my skin looked and felt so much better! If I had to say a bad thing about this mask it's that it sticks to the hairs in your nose so try not to get it up there, also don't get it in your hair because that is really hard to get out!

We hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any of the Lush face masks? Let us know in the comments! Also let me know if you'd like to see more appearances from Loz in my blog! 

See you soon,
Beth (and Loz) xx


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