30 August 2016

Being In A Long Term Relationship When You're In Your Teens

I have been with my boyfriend now for nearly 4 years. His name is Tom and he is an actual cutie patootie. We started out as friends, actually we met because he started dating one of my other friends (awks) but luckily for me that didn't work out and two years later we got together! When people find out how long we've been together they usually say something along the lines of "really?!" "that's so cute" or even "how do you do it?" I don't know really. I'd be lying if I said I never think about it. As a young person you want to experience as much of the world as you can, I've just realised I'd rather do that with him.

I think it's interesting how society's views on relationships have changed over the years. My Nan married my Grandad when she was only 19 back in 1964 but that was kind of the norm, almost expected of you back then. Now it's gone almost the complete opposite way where it's kind of weird not to be single when you're young, not to use tinder or go on dates with lots of different people. I don't think either way is better than the other, everyone is different and should do whatever suits them, but I do think there's a sort of belief that if you settle down with someone when you're young then you're boring, but I don't think thats really fair or true!

"Why don't you just be single and have some fun?" So I can't have fun if I have a boyfriend? We actually have so much fun. The best thing about being so close to someone for so long is all the inside jokes we have and all of the things that are "our things". We love watching youtube videos together especially Casey Neistat and H3H3, we enjoy listening to Ice Cube and Blink 182, we go on adventures (we've just come back from Amsterdam) and believe it or not we go on nights out too! It just means I go back home with him rather than a random stranger.

It's not all plain sailing of course, like all relationships we've had our ups and downs, some wobbles and even doubts, but so far we have always got through it! The thing about being together when you're so young is that you still have so much growing to do. We're both different people to who we were 4 years ago but so far we have grown together and I hope that continues. Nobody knows where we will end up in life, especially when we're only 19, but right now I am just enjoying everyday spent with Tom!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Can you relate? Maybe you're in a long term relationship yourself. Let me know in the comments below!

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