26 July 2016

Confessions Of A Former Emo Kid

Right now I am sporting bright pink nails, short blonde hair and watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now to you that might just sound like any other typical girl, but it's a million miles away from who I was 4 or 5 years ago! Basically I used to be emo af (or at least I thought I was.) I never really think about it any more until a few weeks ago when I found myself in a twitter thread with a number of other girls, reminiscing about going to My Passion gigs and getting pictures with Yashin. Then, a few days ago, My Chemical Romance released that video and so many memories and feelings came back to me (even if their video did end up being very disappointing...we need a reunion!) I feel like if you were a teenager any time after 2005 then you probably had an emo phase, so I thought I'd do a little confessional blog post and see how many of you can relate!

1) My bedroom wall was absolutely covered in band posters. 

A real life photo of part of my bedroom wall circa 2012

I bought Kerrang religiously and would rip out all the posters and any other photos I liked from the magazines to stick them on my wall. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent re arranging them so that they looked absolutely perfect.

2) I watched every youtube video ever of how to get the perfect "scene hair" 

But it never worked out. No amount of hairspray or backcombing was going to get my hair to do that.

3) Fall Out Boy was my soundtrack to Year 7.

My cousin was really into heavy music (I actually blame my cousin for all of this) and they were the lightest band he had on his playlist. I used to listen to them a lot and eventually fell in love with them to the point where I would listen to little else but FOB.

4) If you were a band member I probably loved you.

Frank Iero, Jared Leto, Andy Biersack, Kellin Quinn, Gerard Way, Pete Wentz, Alex Garsgath...the list goes on.

5) I had this picture of Alex Evans in my locker.

Alex Evans was the ultimate emo tbh I spent way too long looking at his Myspace.

6) Me and my best friend at the time made a BVB make up tutorial

And you will never find it. Ever.

7) I thought I was so cool when I got a photo with band members who were literally not famous at all. 

These guys were from a band called The Headstart and they were actually really good and super sweet guys.
I actually feel sorry for these guys now...so many 14 year olds...

8) Hayley Williams was my Queen.

I dyed my hair red because of her and let me tell you do not dye your hair red unless you are in it for the long haul because red is very hard to get out.

9) I was really upset that they didn't have Warped Tour in the UK

I think they have it here now but I doubt it's the same.

10) I watched every Bryan Stars interview ever

Especially his ones with Andy Biersack and Matt Good. I swear Bryan Stars is the only person who has become more emo as time goes on.

11) My whole wardrobe was just basically band shirts.

If I didn't wear a band shirt then how was the world supposed to know about my superior music taste?

12) I really wanted snake bites but I was never allowed them.

Thank god. Bless you Mum and Dad.

13) All I really knew about make up was that you need to wear a lot of eye liner.

My poor brows were so neglected back then.

14) I feel sorry when I see 14/15 year olds now who look really emo because they missed out on all the best bands actually still being together. 

I feel like 2007-2013 was when the "emo" genre was in it's prime, but maybe that's just because I've grown out of it now.

15) I still get a bit emotional if I hear anything by MCR, Sleeping With Sirens or Paramore. 

The first note of Welcome To The Black Parade does something to my heart.

Thank's for reading! I hope this post wasn't as cringey to read as it was to write! Can you relate to any of these confessions? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,

Beth x


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