10 June 2016

The Slogan Tee

Everyone has their favourite type of clothing. That staple piece that you just can’t live without. Mine is the slogan tee. No matter how grown up or “sophisticated” I try and dress, I always seem to end up going back to them! Clothes are an important way for us to express ourselves and how better to do that then with a slogan tee? It’s a subtle way to show off your interests and personality to the world without having to say anything at all. I’ve had many a slogan tee throughout the years, but here are my 3 current favourites. I’ve styled them with some plain black jeans and some Vans so that all the attention is on the top!


espirit 6.jpg

I absolutely love this ¾ length sleeved top from Esprit, probably because I’m a dancer! The slogan just speaks to me so when I saw it I knew I had to have it! We have a dance show coming up in a few weeks time so I’ll be wearing it to every rehearsal up until the night! Not only is the slogan perfect but the material is very light which makes it very comfortable to dance in. This baby blue colour is my absolute favourite at the moment too! I have it on my nails right now and I love anything that matches the colour of my nails! I also like to style it with this silver and blue (matching again!) arrow bracelet which is also from Esprit! 


I love this top from Tee and Cake, a brand part of Topshop! At only 5”3 I get called cute WAY too often! This probably doesn’t help my cause, but it’s a joke between my friends that I’m the “cute one”. I like the “but psycho” part because I like to think I can be scary, although my friends probably don’t take me seriously!


Anyone who knows me will know of my current obsession with the X Files! I send my friends daily pictures of Mulder...yeah it’s that bad (but he’s so hot!) So when I came across this amazing shop on Etsy called “Jolly Pear Shop” and saw this top I knew I had to have it! They have loads of slogan tees on this site so take a look if you feel the same way as I do about them!
Thanks for reading! Do you own any slogan tees? Leave me a comment below telling me what it says!

See you soon,

Beth x


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