28 June 2016

30 Thoughts I Had On My First Driving Lesson

Last week I had my first driving lesson, however I'm quite lucky because my grandad is a retired driving instructor so he is teaching me. This means we can go out whenever we like for as long as we like which is pretty cool!

I think it's pretty normal for everyone to feel a bit nervous when they first start driving, so I thought I'd compile a list of the thoughts I had on my first lesson - maybe you can relate!

1) Ok he wants me to turn the engine on and go...but I'm quite happy just sitting here tbh.

2) There's a car coming well I better just wait for it to pass before I get going.

3) Oh and now another one is coming from the other way, I better wait, don't want to crash on my first lesson!

4) No, come on, you can do this! You're gonna drive just like any other person.

5) Ok clutch up...gas down...we're moving! We are moving omg.

6) I am going to die.

7) Up to 2nd gear okay, better just check that's right - EYES ON THE ROAD DEAR LORD

8) This is alright!

9) A car is coming towards me oh god oh god we are going to crash we are going -

10) We made it! Didn't crash into that car thank god.

11) Up to 3rd gear...which one's that again?

12) This is fine.

13) We are going so fast! Wow! We are going...15 miles an hour...oh.

14) Another car is coming oh god, I better slow down to let it past.

15) Great now I've stalled it.

16) Idiot.

17) Now everyone is definitely laughing at me.

18) Ok start again...handbrake, neutral, engine, clutch, 1st gear, gas - and we're off!

19) Mirror check.

20) I don't know what I was worrying about earlier!

21) Okay round the roundabout we go and great there's someone right up my bum!

22) Is that a UPS van? BRAKE!

23) Oh god, I've got two cars behind me and a van in front, start the engine quick!

24) Grandad looks mad.

25) Okay we're off again.

26) You know what, maybe I don't need to be able to drive, I can just carry on getting the train or lifts, it's fine.

27) No, don't be silly, you can do this!

28) See look, you're doing it fine!

29) Woohoo I'm driving!

30) Okay that's enough for one day I think - more driving tomorrow!

Thanks for reading! Can you relate to any of these thoughts? Leave me a comment below!

See you soon,

Beth x

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