28 June 2016

30 Thoughts I Had On My First Driving Lesson

Last week I had my first driving lesson, however I'm quite lucky because my grandad is a retired driving instructor so he is teaching me. This means we can go out whenever we like for as long as we like which is pretty cool!

I think it's pretty normal for everyone to feel a bit nervous when they first start driving, so I thought I'd compile a list of the thoughts I had on my first lesson - maybe you can relate!

1) Ok he wants me to turn the engine on and go...but I'm quite happy just sitting here tbh.

2) There's a car coming well I better just wait for it to pass before I get going.

3) Oh and now another one is coming from the other way, I better wait, don't want to crash on my first lesson!

4) No, come on, you can do this! You're gonna drive just like any other person.

5) Ok clutch up...gas down...we're moving! We are moving omg.

6) I am going to die.

7) Up to 2nd gear okay, better just check that's right - EYES ON THE ROAD DEAR LORD

8) This is alright!

9) A car is coming towards me oh god oh god we are going to crash we are going -

10) We made it! Didn't crash into that car thank god.

11) Up to 3rd gear...which one's that again?

12) This is fine.

13) We are going so fast! Wow! We are going...15 miles an hour...oh.

14) Another car is coming oh god, I better slow down to let it past.

15) Great now I've stalled it.

16) Idiot.

17) Now everyone is definitely laughing at me.

18) Ok start again...handbrake, neutral, engine, clutch, 1st gear, gas - and we're off!

19) Mirror check.

20) I don't know what I was worrying about earlier!

21) Okay round the roundabout we go and great there's someone right up my bum!

22) Is that a UPS van? BRAKE!

23) Oh god, I've got two cars behind me and a van in front, start the engine quick!

24) Grandad looks mad.

25) Okay we're off again.

26) You know what, maybe I don't need to be able to drive, I can just carry on getting the train or lifts, it's fine.

27) No, don't be silly, you can do this!

28) See look, you're doing it fine!

29) Woohoo I'm driving!

30) Okay that's enough for one day I think - more driving tomorrow!

Thanks for reading! Can you relate to any of these thoughts? Leave me a comment below!

See you soon,

Beth x

21 June 2016

Goodbye LMTS

When I was 3 years old, like many other little girls, my mum sent me to dance lessons. At first she sent me to disco dancing but I didn't like it, I remember sitting at the top of the stairs and saying "Mummy, I want to go to ballet instead!" I had a friend called Isabella who already attended classes at Lancing Musical Theatre School and so the next week I went along with her!

I can remember my first lesson so clearly, I wore my yellow mini mouse top and I was really upset about it because I wanted to wear the pretty pink leotards like the other girls. When it was time to do mimes, the other girls got onto the floor to start their fairy dance but I stayed standing up because I thought they were being naughty and I didn't want to be naughty on my first lesson in case the teacher didn't let me come back. I think I must have enjoyed that lesson because I stayed there for the next 16 years. 

2 years after my first lesson, I took part in my first show! Now 5 years old, I got to be a sprite in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I loved my costume so much that I would wear my sprite hat a lot. I was so chuffed when I saw our photo in the local newspaper that I showed everyone in school. It's still one of my favourite pictures ever and is the one at the top of this post! I was also one of the King's children in the King & I and because I was the smallest (story of my life) I got to be the one who ran through the King's legs at the end. I saw the boy who played the King a couple of days ago and informed him that I was the one who did that, I think it shocked him a bit as I am now 19, but I probs haven't grown that much tbh. In the years to come I played the part of Noddy, Annie, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Tracey Turnblad from Hairspray, Meg from Hercules, Dolly Parton and just recently, Lola from Copacabana. LMTS really gave me a love for performing and the arts/ Because of this I went on to study drama GCSE at school, musical theatre in college and last year I got into Brighton Film School and I credit all of this to our teacher, Mrs Tritton, who gave me so many opportunities.

You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all of this. Well besides them being happy memories, they are very poignant at the moment because Mrs Tritton retired this Saturday after our final show and so the school came to an end. I was intending on leaving so that I could focus more on film school and have more time to find work opportunities, but I was expecting it to be there if I wanted to go back to help out or to watch a show. 

It's really hard to imagine not seeing the girls I grew up with everyday, but I'm determined to stay in touch with them, especially Gemma and Tanya, my best friends from LMTS. After our performance on Saturday we all had a group hug which was probably one of the most emotional moments of my life. 

So I just want to say thank you to Mrs Tritton for starting LMTS and touching so many people's lives and shaping their careers I also want to say thank you to all the people I danced with over the years, I enjoyed every second of it. 

I don't want this post to be too sad so I am now going to share with you some cute and sometimes embarrassing pictures of me in my previous shows and a couple from last weekend:

We Will Rock You 2008

Passing our ballet exam in 2007!

9 to 5 2014

Jai Ho 2016

Only You 2014

Another Brick In The Wall 2014

Waltz of The Flowers 2016
Red Dress 2014

Grease with my little brother Ethan in 2008

Dancing Fool 2016
Hairspray 2011

On Broadway 2006

Recording our songs...not sure what year this is but judging by the glasses I'm going to say 2008!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Did you ever go to dance lessons? Let me know in the comments below!

See you soon,

Beth xx


14 June 2016

How Much Is My Face Worth?

A couple of days ago one of my favourite bloggers, Chapters Of Kat, wrote a blog post about how much her face is worth. If you don't know what this is, its basically looking at all the makeup you wear on a daily basis and adding it all up to see how much of your hard earned cash you've been spending at the makeup counter! Intrigued by Kat's post, I've decided to do my own How Much Is My Face Worth Tag. I'm also super busy this week with my final week of film school for the year and my dance show coming up this weekend! So this is a short and sweet blog post this week!

Now one thing about me is that I actually don't like spending money that much (I still end up doing it though!) I'm always reconsidering if I really need anything that is over £10, so I expected my total to be pretty modest. The results? Well you'll just have to read and find out!


I expected this to be the most expensive round as foundation usually costs quite a lot, but my love for Nyx shows in this section which is probably what has saved me the most money!

Nyx Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation: £6
Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer: £5.99
Nyx Cream Highlight and Contour Palette In Light: £12
Nyx Illuminator in Ritualistic: £8.50

Total: 32.49 - pretty good!


I know this is going to be more expensive because I use more high end products here. I have included the naked palette because I usually wear this on the days I don't have to rush to get out, otherwise I use the Anastasia palette. Please excuse how battered my Anastasia palette is! It's just well loved.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express Kit For Brows & Eyes: £29
Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette: £38
Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner: £5.29
Nyx Lush Lashes XXL Mascara: £6.50

Total: £78.79 (ouch!)


This is going to be the cheapest round as I only wear one thing! I would have liked it to be the Kylie Lip Kit but that's obviously not meant to be and actually this Nyx lipstick is amazing!

Nyx Lip Suede Lipstick in Soft Spoken: £6.50

Total: £6.50


Adding this round in as not many people do (maybe you're not supposed to idk). This is going to be the most expensive round because of the Zoeva brushes but luckily I won them in a competition so I didn't actually have to spend any money! (yay, free stuff!) This obviously isn't all the brushes I use, these were just the ones in my makeup bag at the time haha! Also this photo has just reminded me how much I need to clean my brushes!

Zoeva Rose Gold 8 Piece Brush Set: £65
Real Techniques Limited Edition 5 Piece Brush Set: £21.35
Real Techniques Beauty Blender: £5.99

Total: £92.34!!!


Including the bonus round: £203.62

Not including bonus round: £111.28

Well there you have it! I'm actually quite shocked with how much money I have spent on my makeup, I was expecting it to be a lot less! It just goes to show how you  don't notice when you spend £25 here, another £10 there...but it all adds up!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'd love to know your results so leave me a comment below telling me how much your face is worth or send me the link to your blog if you decide to do your own version of this post!

See you soon,

Beth x


10 June 2016

The Slogan Tee

Everyone has their favourite type of clothing. That staple piece that you just can’t live without. Mine is the slogan tee. No matter how grown up or “sophisticated” I try and dress, I always seem to end up going back to them! Clothes are an important way for us to express ourselves and how better to do that then with a slogan tee? It’s a subtle way to show off your interests and personality to the world without having to say anything at all. I’ve had many a slogan tee throughout the years, but here are my 3 current favourites. I’ve styled them with some plain black jeans and some Vans so that all the attention is on the top!


espirit 6.jpg

I absolutely love this ¾ length sleeved top from Esprit, probably because I’m a dancer! The slogan just speaks to me so when I saw it I knew I had to have it! We have a dance show coming up in a few weeks time so I’ll be wearing it to every rehearsal up until the night! Not only is the slogan perfect but the material is very light which makes it very comfortable to dance in. This baby blue colour is my absolute favourite at the moment too! I have it on my nails right now and I love anything that matches the colour of my nails! I also like to style it with this silver and blue (matching again!) arrow bracelet which is also from Esprit! 


I love this top from Tee and Cake, a brand part of Topshop! At only 5”3 I get called cute WAY too often! This probably doesn’t help my cause, but it’s a joke between my friends that I’m the “cute one”. I like the “but psycho” part because I like to think I can be scary, although my friends probably don’t take me seriously!


Anyone who knows me will know of my current obsession with the X Files! I send my friends daily pictures of Mulder...yeah it’s that bad (but he’s so hot!) So when I came across this amazing shop on Etsy called “Jolly Pear Shop” and saw this top I knew I had to have it! They have loads of slogan tees on this site so take a look if you feel the same way as I do about them!
Thanks for reading! Do you own any slogan tees? Leave me a comment below telling me what it says!

See you soon,

Beth x


7 June 2016

5 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Lives Far Away

My best friend is called Olivia and we have known each other ever since she was born (she's almost a year younger than me.) We lived in the same town until Year 6 when her family moved back to Leicester, where her parents are from. Leicester is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Brighton so it's fair to say we don't see each other all that much anymore.  However that hasn't stopped our friendship, in fact in someways I think it's made it stronger! It's definitely hard to not be able to just pop round each other's houses whenever we want to, but with the growth of social media it's easier to stay in contact with long distance friends now more than ever! Social media also has given many people the chance to become friends with people they've never even met who live too far away to see in person, so I'm sure many of you can relate! I was supposed to see Olivia this weekend but life got in the way and we had to end up cancelling, so this post is for her! Just to say I love ya and I miss ya and lets please meet up soon!

1) You know all about their home friends even though you haven't even met half of them - And they know all about yours, too!

2) They're always the one you to tell all your secrets to before anyone else - Maybe because they're far away so they wouldn't really be able to tell anyone else, but also because they're your BFF so you trust them more than anyone else!

3) You send each other the most un flattering snapchats - Often whilst your on the toilet. I don't know why or how it started but it's a thing now.

4) You've become like a virtual member of the family - Whenever you're on Skype you have to pass the laptop round so they can say hi to all of your family members, even the dog.

5) You can go weeks at a time without talking, but can pick it up again like nothing's changed - You both understand that sometimes life gets in the way of things but that doesn't mean you stop being best friends. Plus you get to have a massive catch up session which is always fab!

Me & Olivia <3

Thanks for reading! Do you have a long distance friend? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon,

Beth x

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