24 May 2016

Why I Will Never Buy A Kylie Lipkit Again!


Okay so unless you were born yesterday then I'm gonna go ahead and assume you know all about the Kylie Lipkits. If you are active on social media then you really can't escape them (especially if you follow lots of beauty bloggers like I do!) It seems everybody and their cat has got one, despite them selling out in about 2 minutes. So now you're probably thinking "okay Beth, what's with the title?" Well lets go on a little rewind and I'll explain everything. However if you don't have a lot of time for reading then I suggest you skip straight to the heading "17th May 2016"

11th April 2016

Woohoo! My student loan came in today and I just found out that Kylie Jenner is restocking her lipkits tonight too! As someone who has been a big fan of her and heard lots about her products, I'm sitting there eagerly by 8:30pm, ready to get my hands on my very own lipkit. I made an account the day before so that I wouldn't have to worry about all that when it comes to buying the lipkit. Here is what I was thinking whilst buying the lipkit which honestly was one of the most stressful moments of my life it was like trying to buy Last Shadow Puppet Tickets all over again. 

It's 8:59 I AM REFRESHING THIS PAGE EVERY SINGLE SECOND.....I'M IN! Okay quick 1 x Koko K, add to basket, checkout, YES! Oh hold on...I'm in a queue! Okay fair enough, there is obviously a huge demand, but it's fine I've got the lipkit in my basket it must be reserved. 20 minutes later...Okay I'm STILL in the queue?? People on Instagram are rejoicing about getting theirs and I'm still in the queue! Oh...hold on it's doing something...SOLD OUT?! Ok back to the homepage I can get Posey K instead it's fine. SOLD OUT. Okay, Dolce K? SOLD OUT.  Okay Candy K...YES! Add to basket, checkout, payment details, confirm...I HAVE A KYLIE LIPKIT! 

There was then much celebration dancing round the living room with Tom! Okay so it wasn't my first shade of choice but Candy K is still such a nice colour and honestly I was just happy to own my own Kylie Lipkit! Of course I went straight onto Facebook and Twitter to let all my friends know about my success and it turns out my bestie Catrina managed to get herself one too! Woohoo! Everybody rejoice.

16th April 2016

Whilst on a night out I got an email to tell me my order has been shipped. In the email they sent me a link to track my order and I wish I got a bloody screenshot of it because they ended up changing it later on. Anyway, on the tracking site it told me that my package had left California and was on it's way to England. Much excitement ensues. 

21st April 2016

I get a message from Catrina who tells me her package has arrived. I check my tracking order but it's still on the same place, the last check in was when it left California on the 16th of April. 

4th May 2016

My package has STILL not arrived and it has now been over the 10-15 day estimated waiting period. My friend who lives in the same place as me received hers weeks ago. I'm getting worried now, so I send the customer service team an email:

Later that day, I get this response: 

Wow so helpful. So I go down to the post office and they tell me they haven't had any packages arrive from me and are just generally unhelpful. Now I'm thinking great, well where the hell is my lipkit? I start having images of it falling out the plane or being left behind for some reason. I decide to wait it out a bit more and hope for it's arrival.  

14th May 2016

Over a week since I sent that email and still nothing. I check the tracking order as I had been doing pretty much every day and suddenly see that they've added something! Whereas before it had said it left California on the 17th of April, it's now saying it left on the 13th May! Okay so obviously they lost my original one and when I sent them that email they must have thought "shit!" and sent me another one. It would make sense as they had another restock just a few days before. 

16th May 2016

They finally deliver my lipkit! But nobody was in so they took it back to the post office for me to collect. 

17th May 2016

So exactly a month after I got that email to say my package had been shipped I am finally going to pick it up! I was at film school so my mum offered to get it from the post office for me. When she put the box in the car she was surprised that it opened up, surely it should have been sealed? She didn't think to look inside the box though as she wanted to wait for me to open it.  Now let me tell you a little bit more about the box they sent it in. It was small and black with the signature paint dripping image around the outside of it. It was also only sealed by one bit of tape from what I could see. On the front was a big sticker saying KYLIE COSMETICS 1 x CANDY K. Now I realise they have to declare what's inside for customs, but why did they send it in such a flimsy box? Now don't get me wrong I think it's a pretty box, but for security reasons why didn't they put that nice box in a bigger brown box or something? I paid $15 (about £10) for shipping and i expect better tbh. 

So I get home from film school all excited and ready to FINALLY have my lipkit! I grab the box and open it whilst my sister watches, equally as excited. The box flies open straight away just like it did in the car. The tape sealing it together looked like it had already been cut. So I remove the big foam that's in the box to reveal.......NOTHING. THE BOX IS EMPTY. ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! I run upstairs to my mum and ask her if this is some kind of joke. She assures me it's not. She checks in the car but it's not there. I honestly can't believe it. I check again and again but my lipkit is not in the box! 

So we have two options here: either it's been stolen somewhere along the way between LA and my house, or Kylie Cosmetics just sent me an empty box. I send them another email straight away. 

A day later they respond: 

Now I'm pissed. So basically because I'm not in the US they can't help me? What kind of bullshit is this? However at the time I was very naive and assumed that they wouldn't just send me an empty box. I thought it wasn't really their fault if someone had stolen it...apart from their rubbish packaging, so I sent back this:

Obviously they couldn't care less about my feelings and haven't replied since. It wasn't until my Dad asked me if this has happened to anyone else that I decided to do some further research into it. I googled "Kylie Lipkit missing" and was startled by what I found. Other people have had the exact same problem as me! This blogger's box also turned up empty. Another girl's lipkit arrived half open so her lipstick had spilt all over the box! Plus remember when Jeffery Star was VERY unhappy with the state of his lipgloss wand. It seems Kylie Cosmetics are just causing one drama after another! In fact, whilst I've been writing this blog post, THIS article has appeared on Huffington Post. Maybe my email to them achieved something after all!

My next point of action is with the post office. I contacted them and they are currently conducting a full investigation. I don't know if I'll ever get my Kylie Lipkit, or if I'll get my money back. If anyone could advise me on what to do next I'd be really grateful! My advice to you would be to save your pennies and don't even bother to buy one of these kits, it's really not worth it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I'd love to know your experiences with Kylie Cosmetics or if you have any advice for what I should do about this.

See you soon,

Beth x

UPDATE 28/05/16 - The post office got back to me and said they were very sorry to hear of what happened to my parcel but because there was a duty number on the box it means it must have been collected from a Royal Mail delivery office rather than the post office. They then gave me the same email address I had used for my original complaint and told me to try there, Great thanks. So it looks like the post office aren't going to help me either!

I made a complaint to the BBB as I saw in many articles that Kylie Cosmetics are issuing replacements to those who have complained through there, I also know Blogger Sallt & Chic eventually got her replacememnt after using the BBB. But of course they are still refusing to help me and repeating the same old bollocks every time. Here's their response to my original compaint via the BBB:

and here's what they said after I disputed it:

See what I mean?! I hadn't heard anything back for a few days so I logged back on today and saw it now says "This matter is now closed in BBB files, and will appear in the company's BBB Business Review as: "Answered - the business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer remains dissatisfied." So yeah, brilliant. As you can imagine I am absolutely fuming.

A lot of you have been suggesting I go through my bank, this seems like my only option left so I will be getting on to them now! Just please guys, do not buy this crap! It's really not worth it.


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