31 May 2016

Wearable Alice In Wonderland Make Up

I love Alice In Wonderland. The imagery, the wackiness and just the craziness of the story are all amazing to me.  It seems like Alice has been everywhere lately, what with the new movie coming out and the Urban Decay range to go with it. My sister also starred in her theatre group's own version of the story just last week! So for anyone who is just as Alice obsessed as I am at the moment then I have the blog post for you! I have come up with 4 wearable make up looks, all based on different Wonderland characters! Perfect for you to wear to the cinema this week!

1) Mad Hatter

Now in a dream world I would be using the Urban Decay palette for this look but I don't have that kind of money, however I will be using one of my favourite palettes ever by Makeup Revolution which is so versatile and only cost £10! The Mad Hatter's make up is, well, mad, and he kinda looks like he agreed to have a make over from every single makeup counter in Debenhams but didn't wash it off in between. It was hard to make his look become more wearable so it is still pretty bright and definitely not for everyone and not an everyday look. However I think this is probably my favourite look of the lot and I really didn't want to take it off!

I started off by putting a light pink base on my lids. I then went over the top with a slightly darker pink. I then added an orange in the crease and blended (blending is very important for this look!) it in with the pink which created a really lovely fiery colour. I also added the orange under my eyes. I used the slightly darker shades of orange and pink for this look so that it wasn't too overpowering and bright. Next I used my Makeup Geek Full Spectrum eyeliner in Cobalt Blue but you could definitely just use a black eyeliner if this is a bit to colourful for you! The orange under my eyes made me look slightly like an addict so I used a white eyeshadow (you could also use an eyeliner if you have one) to make my eyes appear bigger, brighter and generally less dead!

Now Hatter's contour game is on point so that was an essential part to this look. I used a dark pink again to go with the eyes, but be sure to only use a little bit so you don't look bruised! I then used my L'Oreal highligher and NYX illuminator to make my cheek bones pop!

Lastly I used my Collection Strawberry lip balm for the bright pink lips!

2) Red Queen

The Red Queen's make up is basically blue eyes and red lips so I found myself having flash backs to the dance shows I did when I was about 5 (I still do them but I get to do my own make up now so I don't have to look like a clown anymore) You can definitely still pull off this colour combination without looking like a 5 year old who's discovered their mum's makeup bag for the first time.

I found the best way to do this was to go very subtle on the eyes and let the lips do the work. I used a white shade on my lids first and then swept a very light blue on top and in the crease. I added some eyeliner and a lot of mascara as she has very prominent lashes. You could wear falsies for this if you wanted to but I never really wear them myself.

For the lips any red lipstick will do! I used Miss Sporty My BFF Lipstick in the shade 400.

I didn't contour for this look because she's meant to have a big fat head but if you feel you need to define those cheekbones then I'm not gonna stop ya.

3) The White Queen

The White Queen is probably the easiest look to do because her make up was never as dramatic as the other character's to begin with. However she did put the red eyeshadow right the way round her eyes which kind of made her look dead or at least very ill so we won't be doing that!

I used a different palette for this one which is by Morphe. I tried to find a maroon colour as similar to hers as possible. I put this on my lids with a slightly darker shade in my crease. I then put quite a lot of eyeliner on my lid and finished it with a bit of mascara.

I contoured in the same way that I did with the Mad Hatter look by using a pink colour. However I didn't use as much highlighter or illuminator.

Now I know my lips look really messy that is because I at first tried to use black eyeshadow underneath to make my lips look darker and it did not work at all but black is the worst colour to get off because it is so messy! I used my Mac Lipglass in the shade Lust For Life instead.

4) Time

Okay so he doesn't really wear makeup in the film but we can still do our own look based on him and his character's colours. Also you know how I feel about that smoky eye so it was obvious I was going to get that in here somehow. His colours are...you guessed it...black and a lovely deep blue so that's what we're gonna be working with here!

I started by putting a bit of black on my lids and then blend, blend, blend for days! When you are happy that you don't look like a raccoon then it's time to go back in with the dark blue which I also put in my crease and underneath my eyes too. I didn't add any eyeliner because I felt my eyes were dark enough without it! Half way through I realised this looked very similar to a look I did with the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. 

I then contoured normally with my L'Oreal contour palette and used my Mac Lipglass in Lust For Life again for the lips!

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know who your favourite Alice In Wonderland character is and what you thought of the new movie! So leave me a comment below, I love a chat!

See you soon,

Beth x


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