9 May 2016

My Travel Bucket List

So it's getting to that time of year where everyone starts going on holiday. Yay! My group of friends from uni want to go for a weekend away somewhere this summer (that's all we can afford as we are but lowly students) and when we were deciding where to go it got me thinking about all the things I want to do and the places I want to see. I've decided to create a travel bucket list, partly for myself so that I can come back to it and hopefully cross things off eventually, but also to give you guys some inspiration if you're not sure what to do for your summer holiday this year! So, in no particular order, here is my bucket list!

1) Visit Tokyo - If I could only ever visit one more country in my life then I would definitely choose Japan. I just love the culture, the fashion, the everything! I imagine it being very different to the UK but in the best way possible and I can't imagine ever being bored there. The day I get to Japan will probably be one of the best days ever!

2) Go on a pub crawl in Ireland - Ireland is known for it's beautiful countryside but also their drinking! I'd love to go around spring time one year with a few friends, take in the nature during the day and then go for a wild night out!

3) Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower - I have never been to Paris which is crazy because we are right next door to France. I keep on hinting to my boyfriend to take me their for my birthday, maybe I will have more luck this year!

4) Visit the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam - I think everyone who's ever read The Fault In Our Stars probably has this on their bucket list. I am visiting Amsterdam in August so hopefully this will be crossed off my bucket list very soon.

5) Shop In New York - As a fan of FRIENDS I have always wanted to visit New York. It is just such a stylish city and I want to get my own Big Brown Bag which I will probs keep forever.

Photo by Gabriella Roos

6) Cuddle a Koala in Australia - Australia just seems so cool and my boyfriend is obsessed with the accent so I think we would have a great time here. I really want to meet a real life Koala because they are so cute and I have never seen one before...although is it true they have Chlamydia? Gross.

7) See the Hollywood Boulevard stars - As someone who wants to go into the entertainment industry it's no wonder I want to go to Hollywood. I can then find the perfect spot for my own star to go someday!

8) Eat real life Mexican food in Mexico - I am obsessed with Mexican food so I feel I have to try the real thing just once!

9) Go to Disney Land - I'm not fussed which one tbh. I'm just nearly 20 years old and I have never been to Disney land, I feel like I am missing out big time.

10) Inter-rail around Europe - I'd love to spend a summer with Tom just travelling around Europe for a couple of months! We would be able to experience so much in a short space of time and it would be an unforgettable trip!

Photo by Jake Masters

I hope this post has given you some ideas of where to go this summer! I'd love to know where's the number one place you'd like to go? Leave me a comment below!

See you soon! 

Beth x


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