31 May 2016

Wearable Alice In Wonderland Make Up

I love Alice In Wonderland. The imagery, the wackiness and just the craziness of the story are all amazing to me.  It seems like Alice has been everywhere lately, what with the new movie coming out and the Urban Decay range to go with it. My sister also starred in her theatre group's own version of the story just last week! So for anyone who is just as Alice obsessed as I am at the moment then I have the blog post for you! I have come up with 4 wearable make up looks, all based on different Wonderland characters! Perfect for you to wear to the cinema this week!

1) Mad Hatter

Now in a dream world I would be using the Urban Decay palette for this look but I don't have that kind of money, however I will be using one of my favourite palettes ever by Makeup Revolution which is so versatile and only cost £10! The Mad Hatter's make up is, well, mad, and he kinda looks like he agreed to have a make over from every single makeup counter in Debenhams but didn't wash it off in between. It was hard to make his look become more wearable so it is still pretty bright and definitely not for everyone and not an everyday look. However I think this is probably my favourite look of the lot and I really didn't want to take it off!

I started off by putting a light pink base on my lids. I then went over the top with a slightly darker pink. I then added an orange in the crease and blended (blending is very important for this look!) it in with the pink which created a really lovely fiery colour. I also added the orange under my eyes. I used the slightly darker shades of orange and pink for this look so that it wasn't too overpowering and bright. Next I used my Makeup Geek Full Spectrum eyeliner in Cobalt Blue but you could definitely just use a black eyeliner if this is a bit to colourful for you! The orange under my eyes made me look slightly like an addict so I used a white eyeshadow (you could also use an eyeliner if you have one) to make my eyes appear bigger, brighter and generally less dead!

Now Hatter's contour game is on point so that was an essential part to this look. I used a dark pink again to go with the eyes, but be sure to only use a little bit so you don't look bruised! I then used my L'Oreal highligher and NYX illuminator to make my cheek bones pop!

Lastly I used my Collection Strawberry lip balm for the bright pink lips!

2) Red Queen

The Red Queen's make up is basically blue eyes and red lips so I found myself having flash backs to the dance shows I did when I was about 5 (I still do them but I get to do my own make up now so I don't have to look like a clown anymore) You can definitely still pull off this colour combination without looking like a 5 year old who's discovered their mum's makeup bag for the first time.

I found the best way to do this was to go very subtle on the eyes and let the lips do the work. I used a white shade on my lids first and then swept a very light blue on top and in the crease. I added some eyeliner and a lot of mascara as she has very prominent lashes. You could wear falsies for this if you wanted to but I never really wear them myself.

For the lips any red lipstick will do! I used Miss Sporty My BFF Lipstick in the shade 400.

I didn't contour for this look because she's meant to have a big fat head but if you feel you need to define those cheekbones then I'm not gonna stop ya.

3) The White Queen

The White Queen is probably the easiest look to do because her make up was never as dramatic as the other character's to begin with. However she did put the red eyeshadow right the way round her eyes which kind of made her look dead or at least very ill so we won't be doing that!

I used a different palette for this one which is by Morphe. I tried to find a maroon colour as similar to hers as possible. I put this on my lids with a slightly darker shade in my crease. I then put quite a lot of eyeliner on my lid and finished it with a bit of mascara.

I contoured in the same way that I did with the Mad Hatter look by using a pink colour. However I didn't use as much highlighter or illuminator.

Now I know my lips look really messy that is because I at first tried to use black eyeshadow underneath to make my lips look darker and it did not work at all but black is the worst colour to get off because it is so messy! I used my Mac Lipglass in the shade Lust For Life instead.

4) Time

Okay so he doesn't really wear makeup in the film but we can still do our own look based on him and his character's colours. Also you know how I feel about that smoky eye so it was obvious I was going to get that in here somehow. His colours are...you guessed it...black and a lovely deep blue so that's what we're gonna be working with here!

I started by putting a bit of black on my lids and then blend, blend, blend for days! When you are happy that you don't look like a raccoon then it's time to go back in with the dark blue which I also put in my crease and underneath my eyes too. I didn't add any eyeliner because I felt my eyes were dark enough without it! Half way through I realised this looked very similar to a look I did with the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. 

I then contoured normally with my L'Oreal contour palette and used my Mac Lipglass in Lust For Life again for the lips!

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know who your favourite Alice In Wonderland character is and what you thought of the new movie! So leave me a comment below, I love a chat!

See you soon,

Beth x


24 May 2016

Why I Will Never Buy A Kylie Lipkit Again!


Okay so unless you were born yesterday then I'm gonna go ahead and assume you know all about the Kylie Lipkits. If you are active on social media then you really can't escape them (especially if you follow lots of beauty bloggers like I do!) It seems everybody and their cat has got one, despite them selling out in about 2 minutes. So now you're probably thinking "okay Beth, what's with the title?" Well lets go on a little rewind and I'll explain everything. However if you don't have a lot of time for reading then I suggest you skip straight to the heading "17th May 2016"

11th April 2016

Woohoo! My student loan came in today and I just found out that Kylie Jenner is restocking her lipkits tonight too! As someone who has been a big fan of her and heard lots about her products, I'm sitting there eagerly by 8:30pm, ready to get my hands on my very own lipkit. I made an account the day before so that I wouldn't have to worry about all that when it comes to buying the lipkit. Here is what I was thinking whilst buying the lipkit which honestly was one of the most stressful moments of my life it was like trying to buy Last Shadow Puppet Tickets all over again. 

It's 8:59 I AM REFRESHING THIS PAGE EVERY SINGLE SECOND.....I'M IN! Okay quick 1 x Koko K, add to basket, checkout, YES! Oh hold on...I'm in a queue! Okay fair enough, there is obviously a huge demand, but it's fine I've got the lipkit in my basket it must be reserved. 20 minutes later...Okay I'm STILL in the queue?? People on Instagram are rejoicing about getting theirs and I'm still in the queue! Oh...hold on it's doing something...SOLD OUT?! Ok back to the homepage I can get Posey K instead it's fine. SOLD OUT. Okay, Dolce K? SOLD OUT.  Okay Candy K...YES! Add to basket, checkout, payment details, confirm...I HAVE A KYLIE LIPKIT! 

There was then much celebration dancing round the living room with Tom! Okay so it wasn't my first shade of choice but Candy K is still such a nice colour and honestly I was just happy to own my own Kylie Lipkit! Of course I went straight onto Facebook and Twitter to let all my friends know about my success and it turns out my bestie Catrina managed to get herself one too! Woohoo! Everybody rejoice.

16th April 2016

Whilst on a night out I got an email to tell me my order has been shipped. In the email they sent me a link to track my order and I wish I got a bloody screenshot of it because they ended up changing it later on. Anyway, on the tracking site it told me that my package had left California and was on it's way to England. Much excitement ensues. 

21st April 2016

I get a message from Catrina who tells me her package has arrived. I check my tracking order but it's still on the same place, the last check in was when it left California on the 16th of April. 

4th May 2016

My package has STILL not arrived and it has now been over the 10-15 day estimated waiting period. My friend who lives in the same place as me received hers weeks ago. I'm getting worried now, so I send the customer service team an email:

Later that day, I get this response: 

Wow so helpful. So I go down to the post office and they tell me they haven't had any packages arrive from me and are just generally unhelpful. Now I'm thinking great, well where the hell is my lipkit? I start having images of it falling out the plane or being left behind for some reason. I decide to wait it out a bit more and hope for it's arrival.  

14th May 2016

Over a week since I sent that email and still nothing. I check the tracking order as I had been doing pretty much every day and suddenly see that they've added something! Whereas before it had said it left California on the 17th of April, it's now saying it left on the 13th May! Okay so obviously they lost my original one and when I sent them that email they must have thought "shit!" and sent me another one. It would make sense as they had another restock just a few days before. 

16th May 2016

They finally deliver my lipkit! But nobody was in so they took it back to the post office for me to collect. 

17th May 2016

So exactly a month after I got that email to say my package had been shipped I am finally going to pick it up! I was at film school so my mum offered to get it from the post office for me. When she put the box in the car she was surprised that it opened up, surely it should have been sealed? She didn't think to look inside the box though as she wanted to wait for me to open it.  Now let me tell you a little bit more about the box they sent it in. It was small and black with the signature paint dripping image around the outside of it. It was also only sealed by one bit of tape from what I could see. On the front was a big sticker saying KYLIE COSMETICS 1 x CANDY K. Now I realise they have to declare what's inside for customs, but why did they send it in such a flimsy box? Now don't get me wrong I think it's a pretty box, but for security reasons why didn't they put that nice box in a bigger brown box or something? I paid $15 (about £10) for shipping and i expect better tbh. 

So I get home from film school all excited and ready to FINALLY have my lipkit! I grab the box and open it whilst my sister watches, equally as excited. The box flies open straight away just like it did in the car. The tape sealing it together looked like it had already been cut. So I remove the big foam that's in the box to reveal.......NOTHING. THE BOX IS EMPTY. ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! I run upstairs to my mum and ask her if this is some kind of joke. She assures me it's not. She checks in the car but it's not there. I honestly can't believe it. I check again and again but my lipkit is not in the box! 

So we have two options here: either it's been stolen somewhere along the way between LA and my house, or Kylie Cosmetics just sent me an empty box. I send them another email straight away. 

A day later they respond: 

Now I'm pissed. So basically because I'm not in the US they can't help me? What kind of bullshit is this? However at the time I was very naive and assumed that they wouldn't just send me an empty box. I thought it wasn't really their fault if someone had stolen it...apart from their rubbish packaging, so I sent back this:

Obviously they couldn't care less about my feelings and haven't replied since. It wasn't until my Dad asked me if this has happened to anyone else that I decided to do some further research into it. I googled "Kylie Lipkit missing" and was startled by what I found. Other people have had the exact same problem as me! This blogger's box also turned up empty. Another girl's lipkit arrived half open so her lipstick had spilt all over the box! Plus remember when Jeffery Star was VERY unhappy with the state of his lipgloss wand. It seems Kylie Cosmetics are just causing one drama after another! In fact, whilst I've been writing this blog post, THIS article has appeared on Huffington Post. Maybe my email to them achieved something after all!

My next point of action is with the post office. I contacted them and they are currently conducting a full investigation. I don't know if I'll ever get my Kylie Lipkit, or if I'll get my money back. If anyone could advise me on what to do next I'd be really grateful! My advice to you would be to save your pennies and don't even bother to buy one of these kits, it's really not worth it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I'd love to know your experiences with Kylie Cosmetics or if you have any advice for what I should do about this.

See you soon,

Beth x

UPDATE 28/05/16 - The post office got back to me and said they were very sorry to hear of what happened to my parcel but because there was a duty number on the box it means it must have been collected from a Royal Mail delivery office rather than the post office. They then gave me the same email address I had used for my original complaint and told me to try there, Great thanks. So it looks like the post office aren't going to help me either!

I made a complaint to the BBB as I saw in many articles that Kylie Cosmetics are issuing replacements to those who have complained through there, I also know Blogger Sallt & Chic eventually got her replacememnt after using the BBB. But of course they are still refusing to help me and repeating the same old bollocks every time. Here's their response to my original compaint via the BBB:

and here's what they said after I disputed it:

See what I mean?! I hadn't heard anything back for a few days so I logged back on today and saw it now says "This matter is now closed in BBB files, and will appear in the company's BBB Business Review as: "Answered - the business addressed the issues within the complaint, but the consumer remains dissatisfied." So yeah, brilliant. As you can imagine I am absolutely fuming.

A lot of you have been suggesting I go through my bank, this seems like my only option left so I will be getting on to them now! Just please guys, do not buy this crap! It's really not worth it.


17 May 2016

Why Girls Deserve More Movies

If you are a frequent reader of my blog then you will probably know by now that I am a student at Brighton Film School. You might also know that my goal in life is to be a screenwriter and director. It sounds like a pretty cool idea (I think so anyway) so imagine how I felt when I found out the chances of achieving my dreams are severely slashed because I don't have certain body parts. And yes if you're wondering, this is 2016 not 1956.

The Numbers

When you think of a director, what do you think of? Chances are you picture a man with a cap and a megaphone. No worries, that's most likely what we all picture, probably because in 2015 91% of films were directed by men. And it's not just directors either, the film industry really is one big boys club with women only making up 11% of writers, 26% of producers, 22% of editors and 6% of cinematographers, 6! Now, that's more maths than I ever expected to be on my blog, but these numbers are just shocking! As for people actually IN the movies, only 12% of films in 2014 had female leads.

Now if you have no interest in being in the film industry then right now you are probably wondering how this effects you. Well, if you're a girl then it means you are being extremely under represented. Film is a highly influential medium and really does effect the way we see the world and how we approach life in general. It means that a very small amount of the films we watch actually feature an independent girl with her own story who isn't just a girlfriend, mother or sister to the main character, the man, or features a female character that actually speaks at all!  It means that even if the film does feature a female lead, 91% of films are still directed by men, so many of those female characters are still being shown from the perspective of a man.

Now please don't think that I am saying men don't deserve to be part of movies, because they most definitely do, but women deserve it just as much and we need a much better balance.

The Reasons

The question you're probably asking yourself now is "why?" Why is the film industry such a man's world? Maybe there just aren't enough women who want to be in the industry? WRONG. There are plenty of women who are in or are entering the film industry, one day at my film school could show you that. Ok, well maybe they're just not good enough to get these jobs then? Again, WRONG! But such a common belief held between many men in the industry and something I've already experienced myself. I have been patronised by guys I know who are at the same level as me but for some reason just assume I don't know the same thing as if I haven't been sitting in the same class or anything. For example, being told how to format a script literally days after I attended a script writing workshop in London as a prize for my own work being long-listed in a national competition. Something I actually heard for real the other day was that "if you cast a girl in your film you're just pandering to the feminist agenda" Yes because feminism is just awful and obviously the only reason we want more women in film is so we can complete our agenda of taking over the world. Sure. For more, and actually much more shocking examples of this you can visit "Shit People Say To Women Directors". So why aren't women given these opportunities? Maybe because we still live in a patriarchy society and the men at the top don't want to share their power. Or maybe they're worried we'd do a better job than them. For example, highly successful films such as Kingsman, Bridesmaids and ET were written by women, as were Gone Girl and Room, all of these films nominated for or even won prestigious awards such as Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAS. As for female leads, The Hunger Games, Maleficent, SPY and Divergent show that women can be just as bad ass on screen AND as successful at the box office as men can. Whatever the reasons for the imbalance in the film industry, it NEEDS to change.

There Is Hope!

I believe that this world is becoming more and more accepting every day and eventually we will get there. Things are looking up, for example Oscar winning actress Alicia Vikkander is opening her own production company, with their debut film featuring two female leads and a mainly female crew. In Sweden they hit their 50:50 gender target (meaning equal funding for male and female directors) and now they are aiming for the same thing in Britain. There is still a long way to go, but with films by and about women being extremely successful and women making up 50% of cinema ticket sales, I think we deserve more movies. 

Thank you for reading, I would love to know your opinions on this subject so please leave me a comment below.

See you soon, 

Beth x


9 May 2016

My Travel Bucket List

So it's getting to that time of year where everyone starts going on holiday. Yay! My group of friends from uni want to go for a weekend away somewhere this summer (that's all we can afford as we are but lowly students) and when we were deciding where to go it got me thinking about all the things I want to do and the places I want to see. I've decided to create a travel bucket list, partly for myself so that I can come back to it and hopefully cross things off eventually, but also to give you guys some inspiration if you're not sure what to do for your summer holiday this year! So, in no particular order, here is my bucket list!

1) Visit Tokyo - If I could only ever visit one more country in my life then I would definitely choose Japan. I just love the culture, the fashion, the everything! I imagine it being very different to the UK but in the best way possible and I can't imagine ever being bored there. The day I get to Japan will probably be one of the best days ever!

2) Go on a pub crawl in Ireland - Ireland is known for it's beautiful countryside but also their drinking! I'd love to go around spring time one year with a few friends, take in the nature during the day and then go for a wild night out!

3) Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower - I have never been to Paris which is crazy because we are right next door to France. I keep on hinting to my boyfriend to take me their for my birthday, maybe I will have more luck this year!

4) Visit the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam - I think everyone who's ever read The Fault In Our Stars probably has this on their bucket list. I am visiting Amsterdam in August so hopefully this will be crossed off my bucket list very soon.

5) Shop In New York - As a fan of FRIENDS I have always wanted to visit New York. It is just such a stylish city and I want to get my own Big Brown Bag which I will probs keep forever.

Photo by Gabriella Roos

6) Cuddle a Koala in Australia - Australia just seems so cool and my boyfriend is obsessed with the accent so I think we would have a great time here. I really want to meet a real life Koala because they are so cute and I have never seen one before...although is it true they have Chlamydia? Gross.

7) See the Hollywood Boulevard stars - As someone who wants to go into the entertainment industry it's no wonder I want to go to Hollywood. I can then find the perfect spot for my own star to go someday!

8) Eat real life Mexican food in Mexico - I am obsessed with Mexican food so I feel I have to try the real thing just once!

9) Go to Disney Land - I'm not fussed which one tbh. I'm just nearly 20 years old and I have never been to Disney land, I feel like I am missing out big time.

10) Inter-rail around Europe - I'd love to spend a summer with Tom just travelling around Europe for a couple of months! We would be able to experience so much in a short space of time and it would be an unforgettable trip!

Photo by Jake Masters

I hope this post has given you some ideas of where to go this summer! I'd love to know where's the number one place you'd like to go? Leave me a comment below!

See you soon! 

Beth x


2 May 2016

NYX Cosmetics Haul & Reviews

I have wanted to get my hands on some NYX products ever since I watched Mykie, AKA Glam&Gore, win the Face Awards last year. So you can imagine my excitement when my friend Sam told me that NYX was about to launch in Boots! Naturally, I popped into the store in Brighton a couple of weeks later and picked up some items! When I got to the NYX stand I couldn't believe how ransacked it was! There was barely anything left in my skin tone (I'm pale af) and it was absolutely crowded. I didn't manage to get everything I wanted but I still got my hands on a good amount of stuff so I thought I would share it with you today. I am thinking about going to get some more stuff soon so leave me a comment below if you would like a second instalment of this post!

NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic - £8.50

This is the first illuminator I've ever purchased and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from it and if I was using it right. I have seen lots of pictures on instagram recently of girls with cheekbones that look almost metallic and this isn't a look I prefer on myself so I use it very sparingly! I got the shade Ritualistic because it seemed to be the lightest colour and as I explained before, I'm pale af. As you can see from the picture, it looks very white in the palette, but when it's on my skin it has a slight gold tint to it. Luckily for me it creates a very subtle glow which looks gorgeous when your cheeks catch the light! I wear it mainly on top of my highlighter on my cheekbones, just above where I contour. I also sweep a very small amount along my nose. I've gone from someone who didn't even really know what an illuminator was a month ago to wearing it every day now thanks to this nifty little thing. I also think the packaging is really cute and simple, which seems to be a theme with all NYX products. One last thing to note - this stuff smells just like playdoh! You can decide yourself whether that's a good thing or a bad thing!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp - £5.50

Another first for me (NYX is making me try all these new things!) this time with a matte lipstick. The main reason I bought this was because I have just purchased a Kylie Lipkit, which is also matte. I wanted to get used to it and also see how they compare (when my lipkit EVENTUALLY gets here!) First of all I want to talk about the colour of this lipstick. I got the shade Antwerp which looks like quite a dark natural pink on the bottle, but is actually a lot brighter when applied to my lips. However I really love this colour and think it's great for everyday. I also wore it in my previous post, which you can read here. This lipstick has a really sweet scent which smells delicious when you put it on (seriously, I wanna eat it) but thankfully goes away quite soon after so doesn't keep annoying you throughout the day. Unfortunately that isn't the only thing that goes away quickly, the lipstick itself doesn't last for very long! For instance I applied it this morning and 2-3 hours later it had gone very patchy, then after some food and drink it had completely disappeared. So although I do really like the scent, shade and price I don't know if I would bother buying any more of these. 

Now...I originally bought another lip product from NYX called Intense Butter Gloss which I think was in the colour "Spice Cake' but I literally cannot find it anywhere. I will post my review of it here anyway but unfortunately there are no pretty pictures! However I did wear it in a previous post which you can find here if you really want to see what it looks like!

The second lip product I bought, this time a lip gloss! I'm not sure what makes this version more "intense" than the usual Butter Glosses, but then again I don't own any of those so if you do then I'd love to know what you think! I got a very dark purple shade and I don't think I was quite prepared for how dark it was going to be! It definitely is going to be saved for my more grungy or dramatic looks. I have worn this one a couple of times and I have to say, I was disappointed. When you apply it, it is extremely sticky! I of course expected it to have more moisture than the lip cream but I find it's really uncomfortable on my lips. I am really aware that it is there and conscious of it getting on my teeth or smudging onto my skin. This is really not good as I think lipsticks should make you feel enpowered and bad ass. It also wares off super fast, faster than the lip butter! I think NYX really need to re think their lipstick and lipgloss formulas.

NYX Conceal, Correct Contour Palette in Light - £10

This is probably the least used product of my haul, mainly because I didn't want to mess it up for the blog pictures haha! So it is supposed to, you guessed it, conceal, correct and contour your face. It comes with 6 different shades, a corrector, highlighter, contour(er) and 3 concealers. 

At first I was very confused about how to use it, but after some quick research I think you are supposed to do it something like this: 

How it looks once it's all been blended in (I used my Real Techniques face brush to blend it)

The main issue I have with this palette is that I find you need to use a lot of it for it to actually do anything. Maybe I am doing it wrong but I tried using my finger, my Zoeva brush and the wand from my empty Maybeline concealer but I just found it really hard to get enough product onto my face!

NYX Lush Lashes Mascara XXL -£6.50

I have saved this one until last because it is my absolute favourite of the lot! I have been trying so hard to find a mascara that makes my eyelashes as dark and as long as I want them to be (especially as I don't really like wearing falsies) and FINALLY I have found it! And it's less than £10! Mental. This is my new favourite mascara because it makes my lashes look full and long which is all you really ask of from a mascara. It lasts pretty much all day but if I'm going on a night out then I'll add just one more layer and viola, perfect lashes! There is a danger of getting clumpy because it has quite a thick consistency but I've found that less is more and it's best to add a little bit at a time. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any NYX products and what you think of them! 

See you soon, 

Beth x

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