2 April 2016

My Favourite Spring Coats!

spring coat

I absolutely love Spring! Baby animals are being born, we get to stuff ourselves with chocolate from Easter and the sun starts to make an appearance again, letting us know it won't be long until summer is here! Although it is getting warmer, you could still do with that extra layer (at least here in England) so I thought I'd share with you my favourite coats to wear in the spring!

The Big Bright Coat

orange sainsburys spring coat
Sainsburys, £40
orange coat

long orange coat

cat eye sunglasses

This kind of coat is great for the beginning of spring or on those days where it's a little bit chillier! Orange is one of my favourite colours so when I saw this I knew I had to have it! It brightens up anywhere you go and tells everyone that you are ready for spring. Wearing this colour is a very bold statement and hard for passers by to ignore. I've had loads of compliments on it but I've also been told it looks like part of the Easyjet uniform...so there's that to think about. 

I got mine from Sainsbury's, but you can find some similar ones here: BHS, ASOS, H&M, MISGUIDED

The Denim Jacket

grungey denim jacket look
Ebay, £17

denim jacket yellow jumper

denim jacket

studded denim jacket

denim studs

I got this jacket a couple of years ago from ebay! I absolutely love it because it is so versatile and can give any outfit a grungy look. My favourite part of this jacket is definitely the studs because they look bad ass! It also has inside pockets which is pretty handy! 

I couldn't find the shop I got this exact jacket from as it was quite a while ago that I bought it, but you can find some similar ones on ebay here: Levi's, Primark, Simply Be

The Pastel Jacket 

spring outfit
Bershka, £25

mint leather jacket

green spring coat

Nothing says "spring" more to me than pastel colours! I picked this jacket up last year in a sale in my favourite shop - Bershka! To be honest I wish I had got a slightly bigger size because it is very tight and I can't do it up, but I still think it looks good like this. There's something about wearing a leather jacket that makes me feel really confident, as if I've got my life all figured out! I have a black one as well but the mint colour of this one is just perfect for spring! 

Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact link for this one either! But I'm so kind I've found a couple of similar ones here: Dynamite , ASOS, River Island

red velvet shoes

Before I go I thought I'd quickly show you my shoes as they're my favourite pair right now! They were £35 from Bershka at a student sale in Churchill Square! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your spring style! What's your go to spring coat? Leave me a comment below!

See you soon, 

Beth x


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