24 April 2016

Festival Fashion

So today is the end of the Coachella festival and if you're anything like me then you've probably been admiring the amazing outfits from afar. I always love to see what the likes of Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens are sporting for the festival and this got me thinking. Rather than feeling gloomy about being hundreds of miles away from the action, I would bring the festival to me! So I've picked out a few outfits I would wear if I was going. Although they are inspired by Coachella I think all these looks could work for any music festival this summer!

Boho Princess

Sheos: Boohoo.com

Face: Seventeen BB Cream
Contour: L'oreal
Highlight: Lo'real/NYX
Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills
Eyeshadow: Makeup Revolution
Mascara: NYX
Lipstick: NYX

I picked this dress up at a car boot sale last year for £3! But it is originally from Wallis. It's one of those items that I always admire in my wardrobe but never have the guts to wear in real life. I took it on holiday with me last year and it was really nice to wear by the bar but I think it would be perfect for a festival. The bright colours and patterns give it a very 70s boho feel but my favourite part about this dress is definitely the wide sleeves. It also has these really cute beads on it and at 5"3 it's almost impossible to find a maxi dress that isn't the length of my entire body. Also it's SO comfy!

Rock Chic

Dress: Boohoo.com
Sunglasses: New Look
Hat: H&M
Boots: New Look

This white lace dress is from Boohoo.com but was given to me by my friend Catrina (check her blog out here!) Paired with black ankle boots it gives an edgier vibe and would go really well with a black leather jacket if the weather was a bit cooler. The hat and sunglasses also add some sophistication to this look.

Off The Shoulder

Top: H&M
Shorts: New Look

The most casual of the three looks, I got this red top from the Coachella section in H&M so I kind of had to include it really. I love the pattern of this top and again it has very wide sleeves which seems to be a theme this festival season. Paired with black crochet shorts I think this look would work best during the day or if it was really hot. I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my wardrobe! Leave me a comment below letting me know what you thought and if you are lucky enough to be going to any festivals this year!
See you soon, Beth x

18 April 2016

Finding Yourself

This is a much more personal post than I am used to writing on my blog but it is an issue that I have been dealing with for a while now and I think it is time my readers get to know me a bit better. I hope you stick around and read this and join in the discussion I am hoping to create.

I think part of growing up is about finding who you are. There are so many sides to your identity, obviously the big ones like your sexuality and your gender - two things I am lucky enough to be confident in - but then there are other important things like your own style, tastes and originality. These are the things I have been struggling with a bit more lately.

When I was about 14 I was pretty confident in who I was. I was a massive emo, which is totally embarrassing now but in a way I also miss being so sure of myself. People definitely made fun of me (especially some horrible boys in my year 10 maths class who thought their music taste was superior to anyone else's) but I didn't really care because I loved the music I listened to and the clothes I wore. However even then I remember aspiring to be more goth/scene (cringing at that right now) so maybe part of me has always felt not quite good enough, or maybe that's just a normal teenage notion.

On my first day of sixth form college I had bright pink hair, wore a slipknot t-shirt and had leggings with Frankenstein on them. My bag was glow in the dark and had zombies all over it. Then something in me changed. I can't really remember why or when it happened but suddenly I found myself rejecting all the stuff I loved just a year ago. I put it down to growing up, it was just a phase, but as soon as I did that it was like I lost myself for a while.

Me back in the day. Don't laugh!...Okay you can laugh a bit.
Now I'm not saying I want to go back to my Black Veil Brides days or be a "Sc3n3 Qu33n" anymore - God no - but I have realised lately that my style and tastes have been a blank canvas for the past two years. I pretty much stopped listening to music apart from the few same songs I liked from 2013 or a few chart songs and so I stopped going to gigs too, which is something I lived for when I was younger. I became quite disconnected from the music scene and it really got me down. I know it's not the biggest problem to have but it's still something that bothers me quite a lot. Not knowing who you are, whether that's in terms of sexuality, gender, or just your individual style, is an awful awful feeling but I think it's something more people deal with then we realise. Self expression is something we all crave and it's really hard when you don't know how to do it or if you are really doing it authentically.

One thing that made me realise I wasn't being completely true to myself was actually my blog! Lately I have been looking at many other blogs and aspiring to be like them. Whilst I think it's important to always try and improve your work I have realised that it is more important to be yourself and not try and conform to what everyone else is doing. Whilst I am still going to keep up with my blog and hopefully express myself more on it, I have also started a Youtube channel because I think it is easier to be myself through that. If you enjoy my blog then I hope you will like my videos too! You can find my channel here.

Recently I have been starting to find myself again, I have found some music that I genuinely like (The Last Shadow Puppets and Wolf Alice mainly at the moment) and I have started going to gigs again (3 in the past month!) I think something I have accepted is that I'm not the same person I was 5 years ago but that's ok! If anything I think I am a better person now, I am more open minded and accepting of things different to what's in my comfort zone. (I also have much better eyebrows) I am still struggling with my style. Half of me wants to dress 70s boho the half wants to be grungy af but in reality I'm somewhere in the middle or not there at all, but I will find it.

If you have made it all the way to the end of my ramblings then well done! Give yourself a cookie, but also thank you for listening to me. I would really like to know if anyone else is/has dealt with these problems and how you overcame it or how you are dealing with finding who you are, so please leave me a comment below.

Shirt: H&M
Top: New Look
Skirt: Bershka
Lips: NYX Butter Gloss

See you soon,
Beth x

9 April 2016

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows With Anastasia Beverly Hills

One of the many struggles of being a girl is looking at all the beautiful make up we can't afford. We've all been there, near enough stalking their Instagram pages (I have notifications set for Kylie Cosmetics...I want a lip kit SO BAD!) and adding all the items you want into your make believe shopping cart but just not pressing that checkout button. That's exactly how I felt with Anastasia Beverly Hills. I'd heard so many amazing things about their products, especially for eyebrows and I had been desperate to try it for myself. Fast forward to my 19th birthday and finally (after a lot of hinting) my lovely boyfriend gave me my first Anastasia Beverly Hills product, the Beauty Express Kit for Brows and Eyes! I was over the moon as you can imagine. At first I was so protective over it and only wanted to use it on special occasions and nights out. But recently I seem to have truly fallen in love with it and the way it makes my eyebrows look so I have been using it every day! So it's for that reason I thought I'd share it with you lovely lot and show you how I achieve my favourite eyebrow look!

A Quick Review

So as you can see in the picture, the palette has 3 main parts - wax, powder and highlighter. You use the wax first to help shape your brows and I have to say it works really well. However don't use too much otherwise I find it can become very noticeable on the brow and quite hard to cover. 

Next is the powder. Even though I'm blonde, I got the brunette version of this palette. The reason for this is because I like my brows to be bold. I usually use the darker shade in this palette as well. When I re dyed my hair recently I got a bit nervous about my brows being too dark so I used the lighter colour but I soon switched back! I do find that I have to build up the powder quite a lot to make my eyebrows look full enough, maybe this is another reason I prefer the darker shades.

The last part is the highlighter, there is a matte one and a shimmery one. I tend to use the shimmery one more because I find that the matte one is too dark and has a slight orange tone to it. Maybe this is because I have the brunette version of the palette which I guess could be intended for darker skin tones.

The other tools you get with the palette are an angled brush and some eyebrow templates. The brush is fantastic and so easy to draw your desired shape. When I first got this palette I found the templates absolutely hilarious! There are a number of different templates to choose from based on what shape you want to create or what shape you have naturally. I tried to use them a few times but I actually don't like them very much and find it much easier to just use the angled brush.

How I Use It

First of all I use a little eyebrow brush that doesn't come with the set to tidy up my eyebrow hairs. I then use my fingers to put a bit of wax through my brows. Taking the angled brush, I begin by drawing a line with the dark powder right where my eyebrows naturally begin. I then draw two lines from there, one underneath and one above. This outlines my natural brow but gives it a much bolder finish. Once I've outlined them I use the brush again to fill it in. I usually sweep the brush from the original line and out, this softens it and makes it look much more natural. When I am happy with how dark they are, I then lengthen them slightly at the end. After checking they are both an equal size, I then go in with the shimmery highlighter and sweep it under my brows with my finger. 

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you use to do your eyebrows or if you've been loving this palette too! 

See you soon, 

Beth xx

2 April 2016

My Favourite Spring Coats!

spring coat

I absolutely love Spring! Baby animals are being born, we get to stuff ourselves with chocolate from Easter and the sun starts to make an appearance again, letting us know it won't be long until summer is here! Although it is getting warmer, you could still do with that extra layer (at least here in England) so I thought I'd share with you my favourite coats to wear in the spring!

The Big Bright Coat

orange sainsburys spring coat
Sainsburys, £40
orange coat

long orange coat

cat eye sunglasses

This kind of coat is great for the beginning of spring or on those days where it's a little bit chillier! Orange is one of my favourite colours so when I saw this I knew I had to have it! It brightens up anywhere you go and tells everyone that you are ready for spring. Wearing this colour is a very bold statement and hard for passers by to ignore. I've had loads of compliments on it but I've also been told it looks like part of the Easyjet uniform...so there's that to think about. 

I got mine from Sainsbury's, but you can find some similar ones here: BHS, ASOS, H&M, MISGUIDED

The Denim Jacket

grungey denim jacket look
Ebay, £17

denim jacket yellow jumper

denim jacket

studded denim jacket

denim studs

I got this jacket a couple of years ago from ebay! I absolutely love it because it is so versatile and can give any outfit a grungy look. My favourite part of this jacket is definitely the studs because they look bad ass! It also has inside pockets which is pretty handy! 

I couldn't find the shop I got this exact jacket from as it was quite a while ago that I bought it, but you can find some similar ones on ebay here: Levi's, Primark, Simply Be

The Pastel Jacket 

spring outfit
Bershka, £25

mint leather jacket

green spring coat

Nothing says "spring" more to me than pastel colours! I picked this jacket up last year in a sale in my favourite shop - Bershka! To be honest I wish I had got a slightly bigger size because it is very tight and I can't do it up, but I still think it looks good like this. There's something about wearing a leather jacket that makes me feel really confident, as if I've got my life all figured out! I have a black one as well but the mint colour of this one is just perfect for spring! 

Unfortunately I couldn't find the exact link for this one either! But I'm so kind I've found a couple of similar ones here: Dynamite , ASOS, River Island

red velvet shoes

Before I go I thought I'd quickly show you my shoes as they're my favourite pair right now! They were £35 from Bershka at a student sale in Churchill Square! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your spring style! What's your go to spring coat? Leave me a comment below!

See you soon, 

Beth x

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