26 March 2016

Move It 2016

Last Sunday I travelled to London with my mum, sister and some family friends to attend a huge dance convention called Move It! Move It happens once a year and is a place for dancers and dance enthusiasts to meet, perform, watch shows, find out about drama schools and buy merchandise and dance gear. I have wanted to go for the last few years now and I finally got the chance to last weekend! We had such a good time that I thought I'd share my experiences with you!

Move It was held at the London Expo Centre which is absolutely massive! The part we were in had space for hundreds of stalls, 3 stages and lots and lots of people - and it didn't even take up half of it! As we walked through the entrance there were bright purple lights and music - it felt like a premiere! As soon as we got in we were met by hundreds of stalls as far as we could see! Most of them were advertising drama schools which wasn't really relevant for us as I'm already in film school and my sister is a bit too young.

We slowly made it all the way to the back where there was the main stage. We watched a few performances there but there was nothing to tell you who was performing when and a lot of the time the stage was empty and a huge screen playing a video of someone interviewing dancers was there instead which we found quite boring really.

There were quite a few famous faces at the event, including Jennifer Ellison and her school, Jelli Studios, which you might know from the UK version of Dance Mums. My sister and her friend were very excited to meet her as well as some of the girls from the show. I really liked their stall as it had an awesome VW Camper Van that they were selling merch out of!

Another famous person there and argueably one of the main reasons we went - was Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms! We went to her stall which was absolutely swamped and I eventually managed to get myself a hoodie, whilst my sister got a top. Abby wasn't at the stall so we assumed she wasn't there that day, but later on we saw her doing a signing! We tried to get in the line but the security said no one else was allowed to queue which was really dissapointing. Abby seemed really unhappy with the way things were being run there that she eventually walked out of where she was signing and set up just outside of the Move It entrance, which unsuprisingly became absolutely packed not long after. So I didn't get to meet her but I did meet one of the girls on the show called Brynn.

Just after we took this selfie a big group of girls ran towards her which kind of trapped both of us in this little space (there was a rope between us) and she ended up getting attached to my bag which was very awkward and a very typical thing to happen to me!

My mum was most excited to meet Karen and Kevin from Strictly Come Dancing as she's a massive fan of the show! They were the people we were supposed to be queueing up for before we saw Abby Lee and luckily we still managed to get a picture with them after all that chaos!

Unfortunately amongst all the drama we completely forgot to go and queue up to meet Darcey Bussell, one of my childhood idols! But hopefully if we go back next year she will be there again!

Some other highlights of the day were going into the big red bus and having our photos taken in the photo booth, getting my lips done up with glitter and watching some of the showcases! My favourite ones were probably Jelli Studios and the MADD School.

 -- Exciting Announcement! --

I have started a Youtube channel! So far I have been using it as a platform to share my short films and whilst I still plan on doing that, I'm also starting to upload vlogs and will be uploading some beauty related videos soon too! 

If you'd like to find out more about what I got up to at Move It you can watch my vlog here! It would mean a lot if you left me a comment telling me what you thought of it and what you'd like to see in the future! Also subscribe if you're feeling really nice! 

See you soon, 

Beth x

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