27 February 2016

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette My Favourite looks!

I have loved Urban Decay ever since I started watching Promise Phan's make up tutorials on Youtube in which she used their products to create such beautiful looks! I love make up but I rarely can afford high end products (I'm a bit of a tight ass, ok!) but the Naked palettes are something I've always sought after, especially after loving their Naked "On The Run" set, so you can imagine my excitement when I finally received one for my birthday in December! I got their newest palette, "Naked Smoky". I've been using it for a couple of months now and I want to share with you my favourite looks! I've got a couple of every day looks and a couple of going out looks to give you inspiration for any occasion! I only used the brush that comes with the palette so you don't have to worry about needing anything else for these looks.

1) Every Day Minimalist

This look is great for going to school, work or just chilling at home when you don't have much time or don't want to look too fancy. Start out by using the fluffy side of the brush and sweep a couple of layers of "Thirteen" (the whitest colour) over your eye lid. I then take a tiny bit of "Combust" and brush that over the top to create a really nice colour. Then, using the other side of the brush, take "Whiskey" and put it in your crease. Be careful though! This colour comes out WAY darker than you think so only use a little bit! Blend it in, either with your finger or the fluffy brush (I find it easier to use my finger) and that's it! Add a little bit of mascara and you're done. 

If you have a bit more time or want to glam this look up a bit more then go ahead and add some eyeliner too. 


2) Shimmer All Day 

This next look is really similar to the first one but more shimmery. I start out by using "High" as a base, focusing mostly on the inner corners of the eyes. Next I put "Dirt Sweet" over the top, starting at the outer corners and gradually working my way in until my eyes look very gold! Next I use the smaller side of the brush and apply "Radar" to the crease. I then go back in with "High" in the inner corners again to create a really bright, shimmery look. 

I think this look is best with eyeliner, but it's up to you how you want to wear it! Gold eyes always go really well with dark berry lips but you could use a more pinky shade in these spring months. 

3) Blue Moon

Moving on to the evening looks, this one is my absolute favourite for a night out! I wore it on my birthday and also wore something similar for my Valentine's weekend away with Tom (you can read about that here). 

I start out with "Slated" as the base for my lids and build it up quite a bit. I then apply a layer of "Armor" to give my lids an even more glam, sparkly look. Still using the fluffy brush, I start to apply "Dagger" to the outer corners of my eye, blending after every layer and gradually moving across my lid and upwards towards my crease. It's at this point that my eyelid feels really soft which always amuses me (it's the little things.) I keep going until my eyes are looking quite dark. Once I'm happy with the amount I brush some of "Dagger" on my waterline and smudge that out with my finger. I then go back in with "Black Market" in my crease, waterline and also under my lash line. Just don't do what I do and use the same finger you blended with to pull down your eye because you WILL get blue all over your face! 

This look requires quite a lot of eyeliner, I would probably usually wear a lot more than I am in these pictures. I like to do a small flick along where the eyeshadow ends and also underneath to make it look more dramatic. 

4) Smoky and Dramatic 

This is the darkest and most dramatic of the looks and can kind of make you resemble a 90s goth if you're not careful! This would be great for a night out on the town or if you're really posh it would look good on a red carpet. 

You start out with "Password" as the base. Like "Whiskey" it comes out darker than you think it will but it doesn't matter too much this time as dark is what we're going for. I like to build this up so it's quite dark, I use it on my lid and crease. I then go in with "Smoulder" over the top. I like to make it quite big, almost reaching the end of my eyebrow (don't go up that far though because that would look silly.) If you want to you could use sellotape to create as a kind of template and create a really dramatic line. To do this just put a little bit each side from the outer corners of your eyes. Keep going with "Smoulder" until you reach the tape, then when you're done, rip it off and VIOLA! Sexy af. I didn't do this because I am lazy and the sellotape was downstairs at the time. Now you're probably thinking this looks dark enough but guess what! We're gonna go in with "Black Market"! Similar to the look before hand, I put it in my crease, lash line and waterline. I then use liquid eyeliner just like before, creating a flick in the same place your eyeshadow ends. I would also suggest fake lashes with this look but I didn't have any on hand at the time!

I hope you've managed to draw some inspiration from this post! Even if you don't have this palette you could easily recreate these looks with similar colours. I'd love to see if you try out any of these looks so comment below or send me a picture! (all the links to my social media is in the sidebar). I'd also like to know what your favourite Naked palette is as I hope to collect them all. Maybe if you have any reviews or similar posts on your own blog I'd love to read them!

See you soon, 

Beth x


19 February 2016

Our Valentine's Escape

Welcome to the final part of my Valentine's mini series. Yes, I know it's all over now but if you would like to read the other two posts in my series then you can find them here and here (make sure to come back though!)

This week I want to share with you how I spent Valentine's Day. Right now my blog seems to consist mainly of tips and advice and although that's a format I love, I really want my blog to become more personal to me so that I get to share more of my life with you and it also becomes something for me to look back on in years to come and remember the great times I've had.

The Hotel 

So my boyfriend Tom and I found this INSANE deal on groupon which entitled us to a night's stay and breakfast at the Felbridge Hotel in East Grinstead, which is about an hour away from where we live. It was nice to get away from home for a night but it was also great that it wasn't too far away so we didn't have to spend long travelling. 

When we arrived we were greeted by a lovely man at reception who explained everything to us as we had never stayed there before and he showed us to our room. He made us feel so welcomed which was something I was worried about, being a young couple with a groupon voucher in this rather posh hotel, I thought the staff might act a bit snooty towards us but they weren't at all! 

When we got into the room it was quite small but lovely and definitely worth it since we got a very good deal. On the screen they put a little welcome message "Welcome Bayes, Beth" which was super cute. The bed was amazing! So comfy that when I got back into my own bed the night after it felt like I was sleeping on wood. 

When we opened the wardrobe door we saw free tea and coffee! Which is always a bonus for us, especially as Tom is a complete tea addict. 

The only thing I would say against the room is that the door was really heavy so much so that Tom was the one who had to open it every time we wanted to go in or out the room. Luckily he was there I don't know how I would have managed if it was just me or me and my mum.

Dress: New Look, Similar here
 Boots: New Look, Similar here

The Spa

Top:Asos,  Bottoms:Asos,

We also had access to the spa which was really exciting. We decided not to book in a massage or treatment this time as they were slightly above our budget but we could still use the pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna and to be honest, that was enough. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the spa as we didn't want to take our phones down there and honestly I would have felt a bit weird taking pictures of other people in their swimwear especially as there were children in there.


We decided to eat away from the hotel as nothing on their menu really took our fancy. Instead we went to a small, family run Chinese restaurant a couple of minutes away. I'm not a huge fan of Chinese food but this was lovely! I ordered the Chicken Red Thai Curry with Chicken Fried Rice, however this was way too much and I felt terrible as it looked like I had barely eaten anything but it was just so filling! I'm pretty sure it filled me up until dinner the following day.


Breakfast was included in our deal which was very exciting because FREE BREAKFAST! We both opted for the full English of course! The sausages were absolutely divine, even just thinking about them makes me hungry. Actually, yeah, excuse me I need to go and cook myself some sausages right now! The only disappointing part was that we got there quite late and they had run out of baked beans! This was obviously heart breaking for me but the food was good non the less and it was my own fault for not getting up earlier!

Top: New Look,
Skirt: Boohoo, Similar here

Overall Tom and I had such a lovely time and we were really sad to come home. We definitely will be going there again and may even book in a spa treatment next time! This was also the first time in our 3 year relationship that we've ever really done something to celebrate Valentine's so this made it extra special for us!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you'd like to read more like this or if you enjoyed the mini series and would like me to do more of them! I'd also love to know how you spent you Valentine's Day. 

See you next time, 

Beth x

12 February 2016

How To Get Through Valentine's Day When You're Single

Welcome to the second part of my Valentine's Day mini series! If you haven't read the first part then quick! Go and read it then come back here!

This post is dedicated to those without someone to share the special day with. You're probably dreading next Sunday, right? Endless Facebook posts about how lucky everyone is to have their significant other and reminders that you don't have one pretty much EVERYWHERE! Well don't worry! You can rock it on your own - here's how:

1) Treat Yourself To A Make Over.

Go and get your nails done, or a new hair do or whatever it is that you need to feel A-MAH-ZING.  Maybe you could go to one of those beauty bars at Debenhams and get your make up done professionally. Or if you'd really rather not spend too much time in town alone today (understandable) then why not invite all your friends round and do each other's make up? It might sound childish but you'd definitly have a laugh and forget those lack of Valentine's cards in no time! "But, Beth! All my friends are with their boyfriends!" No problem! Grab your own make up and try something completely different! You might just like it. A cute Valentine's gift to you, from you, to show just how much you love yourself! People will be begging for you to be their Valentine...and if not? Oh well, you still look fierce. 

2) Go Shopping

Again this can be something you do with friends or just by yourself! Go and get that thing you've been thinking about for weeks, you deserve it just for being awesome old you. 

3) Treat Yourself To A Romantic Bath

Get the candles, maybe some petals, one of those LUSH bath bombs you've been saving and your favourite book. Maybe some nice music too (I'm loving Melanie Martinez right now but whatever you're into) Now you've got the perfect way to relax after a very stressful day of pampering yourself. Plus this is so much better than a couple's "romantic" bath because you don't have to share your bath water. Gross. 

4) Drown Your Sorrows in Netflix, Chocolate and Alcohol

I don't recommend this one quite as much but at the end of the day you're a single woman (or man) and you can do whatever the hell you please. 

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day whether you'll be spending it with your other half or not. I'd love to know what your plans are for the day so leave me a comment! Make sure to check back here next week for the final part of my Valentine's series. 

See you next time, 

Beth x


5 February 2016

What To Get Your Boyfriend For Valentine's Day

Photo by Flo Lee

Valentine's day is just over a week away! So whilst we've all been hinting heavily about that romantic gesture we've wanted since like January, maybe it's time to think about what our lovely beaus might want. I know, I know, guys are insanely hard to buy for, but don't panic! I think I've got a few good ideas that I'll let you use. 

Just as a little disclaimer all of these ideas are relatively cheap because I don't think Valentine's day should be about splashing out on lavish gifts like ipads or cars, but if that's what you do then fair enough, but this post probably won't help you very much! 

1) Take him to the cinema

This one's great because it can be relatively cheap (my local cinema charges £3.50 for students!) and it will give you something to chat and maybe even debate about over your romantic meal. He's probably spent the last few valentine's day watching rom coms he doesn't really care about (or maybe he does! In that case hold on to that boy!) so why don't you return the favour this year? Let him pick the film this time! Some great ones on at the moment are: 

The Hateful Eight
The Revenant 
Deadpool - This is what we're going to see! 

If you really don't like what he picks you could always suggest sitting at the back of the cinema for a make out sesh ;)

2) Create a home cinema

If you don't want to go out next Sunday night why not bring the cinema to him? Find out his favourite film and get it on DVD or on Netflix and create a home cinema! Get lots of pillows and duvets and make a little fort for you to sit in, turn the lights out and get some microwaved popcorn from the supermarket! This will be super cute and intimate and definitely more comfortable than the cinema seats! 

3) Buy him his favourite after shave

This is a win win situation as he gets to enjoy his new after shave and you get a beautifully smelling boyf! Not that he was smelly before but there's nothing better than getting a whiff of that after shave you adore on him. I know this can be expensive but there are some great cheaper colognes out there if you're on a budget! For instance, Hollister's Jake Body Spray is only £13 and smells delicious so does Hugo Boss' "Hugo" which is only £20! Have a shop (and a sniff) around and see/smell what you can find within your budget! 

4) Get some new Lingerie 


Another win win situation! Not only does he get a great valentine's present but you get some beautiful new underwear. It's probably best to talk to him about it and find out what you both like, or if you already know what he's into then just go out and get it and surprise him! 

The lingerie in the photos above belong to my bestie Catrina! She's got a whole post about choosing lingerie on her blog so you should definitely check that out! You can do that here!

5) Relive your first date

This one is really romantic and perfect for valentine's day. Recreate what you did on your first date, whether that's a dinner or a day out, it will bring back all those memories of when you first fell in love and he will love how much thought you put into it! 

6) Create a scrapbook of your favourite times together

This is really similar to recreating your first date but possibly cheaper. It would also be a good idea if you're unable to go back to where you went for your first date, plus its permanent! Again your guy will just love how much effort and thought you put into it! 

7) Book a hotel

The Felbridge Hotel we are staying at for Valentine's Day

My last idea is definitely more pricey however there are lots of great deals you can find on sites such as groupon! This is what we are doing this year and we found a deal for £65 for one night for two including breakfast! It would be really nice to escape just the two of you even if its only for one night. 

I hope this post has inspired you to spoil your boyfriend this Valentine's day! This is the first post in my Valentine's themed mini series, if you'd like to read the second part you can find it right here! 

See you next time,
Beth x


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