31 January 2016

Resolutions Recap and Staying Motivated

We did it! We made it through January! It's definitely the longest, coldest and most depressing month and if you're anything like me then you've probably been skint and drowning your sorrows in the last pieces of chocolate left over from Christmas.

One thing that can fuel the January blues is not sticking to those new year's resolutions you promised yourself you'd most definitely do this year (remember this post?) Well I'm here to tell you do not worry! There's still time and there's still stuff you can do!

The first thing you need to remind yourself is that it's ok to slip up! January is a crap month so if you did reach for the chocolate cake rather than that workout DVD then that's ok! Don't feel like a failure! There's still time to make changes if you really want to. January was just our trial month, yeah?

Also it's important to remember that you don't need a new year, month, week or day to start a fresh, the best time to start is now! Whether that is the first of January or a Wednesday in the middle of March, just go and do it and you will be so much happier you did!

If you really are feeling down then maybe it's time to re-evaluate some things. First of all think about what you did achieve and reward yourself for it. For instance I stuck to my goal of entering one script writing competition a month and already have plans for February's and March's. Now look at what you didn't do so well at and have a think about why that might be. It's ok to make changes at this point - you don't HAVE to stick to exactly what you decided last month, now you've tried it you can alter things so they are more achievable or work better for you. Or maybe you'll decide that actually this goal is pretty achievable and it's up to you to push yourself harder - that's great too! For example I haven't been posting to my blog as much as I'd like but I know that's it's because of uni work that has to come first, however I'm still going to strive for weekly posts, but if I do have to miss a week or two, that's okay too.

And if you are hitting all your targets - woo go you! Keep doing what you're doing you are fabulous! Maybe now it's time to add something else that you were thinking about doing last month but thought it would be too much. For example I want to get fitter for my dance show in June and I think now is the time to get started on that!

Just remember, whatever you do this month, whether you make lots of changes or none, do what makes you happy! That is the most important thing of all.

I'd love to know what resolutions you set yourself and if you've managed to stick to them or not so leave a comment if you like!

See you next time,
Beth x


14 January 2016

How To Make Rice Thing

It's pretty embarrassing to say but I am 19 years old and can barely cook! It's something I want to change this year, so I thought what better way to stay motivated than to put it on my blog? So I'm going to experiment with lots of different meals and write about my favourite dish of the month!

I'm kicking it off with something we have inventively named "Rice Thing". It came about one lunchtime last summer when my mum and I were feeling hungry but wanted to use healthy things we already had in our cupboards/freezer. I loved it so much that I soon asked if we could have "that rice thing" again and the name stuck! The best thing about this meal is that it's so versatile you can tailor it to your own personal tastes and can make a nice lunch or dinner. It's also pretty cheap!

You Will Need:

Uncle Ben's Risotto Tomato & Herb Flavoured Rice
Diced Onions (or 2 shallots) 
Vegetables of your choice
Sliced Chicken or Chicken Breasts
Worcestershire sauce
Chicken Stock

I haven't given any measurements because it's really up to you how much meat and vegetables you want depending on how many people you're cooking for and if its for lunch or dinner.  For 1 person I would use 1 packet of rice, for 2 people I would use 2 and for 3+ people I would use 3-4 packets again depending if it is lunch or dinner and how much you want to eat. 

All you really need to do for this meal is mix everything up in a pan! I usually do it in this order:
  • Onions (put the rice in the microwave at the same time as this)
  • Vegetables
  • Add the now microwaved rice
  • Chicken 
  • Stock/Gravy
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Basil
If you want to use chicken breasts rather than sliced chicken then you need to cook this before you add any of the other ingredients. 

Once it's all mixed in and boiling you can pop it into a bowl ready to enjoy! It really doesn't take more than 15 minutes to make this which is awesome! 

You can alter this in so many ways! For example it can become vegetarian if you take out the chicken and use a vegetable stock instead. You also don't have to use chicken, it's also really nice with bacon, turkey or pretty much whatever meat you want to use! 

I hope you've been inspired to try this meal! Trust me you will thank me when you do! If you do make it then leave a comment below telling me what you thought and perhaps what you did to add your own twist to it.

See you next time,
Beth x


2 January 2016

New Years Eve 2015

Happy 2016! I'm so excited to be writing my first blog post of the year but I also can't quite believe it's here already! Time seems to be going so fast, it won't be long until I'm writing about next new years eve and it won't be long until I am 20! I am not prepared for that! 

My new years eve was pretty unique this year. Rather than going to a club or house party, I travelled with my boyfriend Tom from our hometown of Brighton down to Taunton, Somerset to spend the new year with his family. 

Rather than having a big dinner, each couple had to bring a selection of wine and a snack from a chosen country. Tom and I were given France, much to my dismay as I really wanted to have Mexico which is where most of our favourite food comes from! Instead we made a Bree and jam pastry parcel, which we named Dipping Bree. I also found some champagne from the top shelf of my kitchen, hiding away since my 18th birthday! 

Okay so I know this doesn't look like the most appetising thing in the world, and cheese, pastry and jam don't sound like a great combination...but TRUST me! You have to try this! Especially if you are a cheese lover like me.

We tried food and wine from all over the world including Argentina, Portugal and New Zealand. However my favourite food we tried was called the Shakalaka which comes from South Africa.

We didn't realise that the evening not only involved bringing food from different countries but we were also wine tasting! I was completely freaked out by this as I'm not that much of a wine drinker and I had no idea what kind of things to say about them. I let Tom take the lead on this which seemed to work out as we won! 

We also took part in a quiz provided by Tom's uncle. This seems to be a tradition in Tom's family as this is the second family gathering I've been to where they've had a quiz. Tom and I were having a good night because our team won this too!

It definitely was a different kind of new years eve and one I'll never forget. It was the perfect way to send off what was a great year for me and welcoming the next which I hope will be even better. 

As you can see from above, this was also a great opportunity for me to try out my new DSLR camera I got for Christmas. 

How did you celebrate New Years Eve? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did

See you soon, Beth x

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