18 November 2015

Some Tips For Starting University

When I started this blog two months ago, I originally wanted to post at least one thing every couple of weeks. However, life got in the way like it usually does and my blogging plans have gone completely out the window! The main reason for this is because I started my first year of University in September! Its a lot of hard work (hence why my blog had to take a back seat) and has already had it's fair share of stressful moments, but I'm loving it. But go back 4 or 5 months ago and I was a nervous wreck about starting this new chapter of my life. Would people like me? Was I good enough? So I've decided to share some tips that I've learnt over the past 10 weeks for anyone who is thinking about or defintly going to university next year!

Now first of all I just want to point out that I go to Film School rather than a normal University. It's pretty much the same apart from there isn't a massive campus that we all go to (instead there are two smaller campus'), there aren't as many students (only 18 in my class!) and rather than worrying about exams, we have films to stress over (its not as easy as it looks trust.) I also still live at home with my parents as uni is only a couple of miles away so if you're looking for advice on living away from home then sorry I don't know anything about that yet. Ok now you know what to expect a little bit more lets get cracking with those tips.

1) Talk to as many people as possible

This something that I struggle with a lot and one of my biggest fears about starting uni was making friends. In school you tend to get groups of different types of people (like a cheesy american teen movie but less) there are people you talk to and people you wouldn't dare talk to for whatever reason. However uni isn't like that. We're grown ups now and hopefully the majority of people are less likely to judge you like that. Find people who are similar to you but also embrace people who are different or someone you wouldn't normally see yourself being friends with, you may just be surprised. Also I would argue that the social side of uni life is just as if not more important than the academic side of things. So even if you find it as hard as I do, try and put yourself out there right from day 1 and get yourself a solid group of friends.

2) Don't worry about not knowing everything because trust me, you don't.

This one might sound kind of strange, of course you don't know everything that's why you're there! To learn stuff! However another anxiety I had before starting uni was not knowing enough about film and looking stupid in front of my class mates. When I got there I soon realised that we were all in the same boat. Yes, there are the know it alls but most of us were all living with the same fear. Remember that there will be people who know more than you about some things but you will also know more than they do about something else. Rather than worrying or judging others about this, learn from each other! This can also be a good way to make new connections and friends, which relates back to my first tip!

3) Start your assignments early
If I could give only one tip it would be this. Unless you like staying in the library until 4am of the morning of your deadline trying to get it done then sure go ahead and skip this one.

4) Enjoy it

We're probably only going to get  this opportunity once, so yes even though it can be stressful and a lot of work, don't forget to enjoy this time! Go out with your friends, take advantage of every opportunity you can and just have fun. Don't waste it because suddenly we will be 40 looking back on the old times wishing we could do it again and...ok that's too scary. Basically, just have fun, okay!

If you can think of any more tips for starting university or film school then leave a comment below! 
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See you soon, Beth x

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